3 Hidden Things To Look For When Identifying The Perfect Office

ByWomen's Business Club

Mar 4, 2022

Picking the right office is key to business success. With the right workplace, you can reach your maximum productivity and increase your output. Clearly, you have some obvious things to look for when choosing your office:

  • How good is the location?
  • How much is the rent?
  • How big is it?
  • Does it come furnished?

The list goes on, but these questions are all fairly straightforward. These are things that you wouldn’t think twice about when shopping around for your new office. Instead, this post will focus on aspects that are perhaps more hidden than others. We’re talking about things that you might not think about until you’ve moved in and realized you made a mistake. 


How soundproof is your office? Or, to rephrase that, how quiet is it? Do you get a lot of noise leaking in from outside? Can you hear other offices around you all the time? A quiet workplace is essential if you want to be productive. You can’t deal with any needless distractions, so pay attention to the soundproofing in the office spaces you view. 

If it isn’t that soundproof, you could also check the potential to make it quieter. Are you allowed to install your own soundproofing measures, or will the landlord say no? 

Energy Efficiency

Strangely, there are some links between energy efficiency and soundproofing. If an office leaks noise from outside, it indicates the windows aren’t very thick. As a result, this means they struggle to insulate heat, leading to low energy efficiency. Clearly, this is an issue as it will lead to massive bills every month as the building just leaks energy. 

A good rule of thumb is to look for office buildings that are constructed using architectural glass. This type of glass is typically created to be more energy-efficient and to stop you from keeping the AC on for hours on end every day. It’s also worth looking at the energy certificates or the average monthly costs to understand how much you’ll pay in energy bills. An energy-efficient office can save a fortune for your business, which helps you lower expenses and widen your profit margins. 

The Lease

Now, the lease is an obvious thing to think about, so why is this being mentioned? Usually, you only think about the price of the office and how much rent will cost every month. You also might consider the duration of the lease. That second point is the one we want to focus on a bit more. Specifically; how does it match your business? Should you agree to a 2-year lease if you intend to grow your business within that span? You could be tied up in a lease for an office that no longer suits your business needs. Generally, shorter leases are better for growing companies as you’re not tied down and can upgrade to larger spaces when needed. If you have an established business, opt for longer leases as they tend to be cheaper. 

Don’t neglect these three hidden things when identifying the best office for your company. Also, be sure you still think about the obvious factors in renting an office!

By Women's Business Club

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