7 Quick And Easy Tips To Help You Save Money On Your Water Bill

ByWomen's Business Club

Jun 15, 2022

The public water supply expenditure reached 797 million GBP in 2021, according to recent studies. Businesses pay substantial water bills every year with some impact on their revenue, yet, a considerable amount of water is lost yearly. As global efforts toward a greener environment increase, businesses can take action to decrease their water consumption and save money spent on the water bill. This article describes seven simple but effective tips to help you reduce your water bills.


Fix Broken Faucets And Leaky Pipes

Broken faucets and leaky pipes account for millions of wasted water yearly. Yet, businesses and households run up sizable water bills. You can lower your water bill by fixing leaky pipes and broken faucets and tightening loose taps to prevent water wastage. You can effectively reduce clean water demand and recurring water bills this way.


Switch You Water Supplier

You can find a new water supply for your business through business water comparison. Although water rates are within a specific range, suppliers have different rates depending on several factors. You can switch to an alternative business water supplier that meets your water budget. You can check The Business Water Shop for a quick, seamless, uncomplicated business water supply switch.


Reuse Grey Water

Grey water is water from sinks and other non-sewage sources. Households and businesses mostly dispose of grey water, but you can collect and repurpose it. You could hire a plumber to fix or adjust the system to collect and use flush water closets or water plants around the business premises. Grey water is safe primarily for such purposes and reduces the demand for clean water.


Collect And Use Rainwater

You should also collect, store, and use rainwater. Consider investing funds to purchase and install a tank and rain collector. You can use the stored rainwater to flush the water system, mopping, and clean. Using rainwater reduces the demand for clean water.


Sweep And Clean More, Mop Less

Where possible, sweep and clean dirt instead of mopping. Mopping uses clean water and could increase your water bill if done more than once a day. Invest in better stiff brushes, vacuum cleaners, and other cleaning equipment that are energy-efficient and capable of reducing your clean water consumption.


Dispose Of Fewer Wastes, Sell More

You can reduce water consumption for waste disposal by selling business waste. Various platforms allow businesses to sell their waste; you should take advantage of them. Selling business wastes provides a side income for your business while reducing water bills. That’s an intelligent way to increase revenue while reducing costs.


Use Solar Water Heater

A one-time investment in solar heaters could significantly lower your annual water bill. Hot water supply costs nearly three times more than cold water. You could install a solar water heater to provide hot water for your business without incurring more costs from your water supplier. Solar heaters are relatively safe and require less maintenance than other systems.

By Women's Business Club

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