Become an Amazon Delivery Service Partner – start your own Amazon business.

We have a great opportunity for women who are interested in a business opportunity with Amazon! Become an Amazon Delivery Service Partner – start your own Amazon business.

The Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP) programme enables entrepreneurs to launch and operate their own parcel delivery business. With low start-up costs, built-in demand, and access to Amazon’s technology and logistics experience, the DSP programme gives an opportunity to hand-on owners to build and grow a successful parcel delivery business.


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Success Story

Who’s the boss here?

Katren Sweetat runs her own delivery company and is the “boss” of 30 drivers. Her team delivers parcels for Amazon in Bad Oldesloe. The petite, only 1.52m tall woman is often underestimated at first. “Sometimes I’m asked where the boss is,” Katren smiles. She has learned to deal with prejudices and to make her own decisions. Here she writes how.

In my family, tradition is very important. To get straight to the point: I am not so concerned with mapped out paths. I have learned to find my own.

I am the oldest of six siblings, born in Israel, with Palestinian roots. After school, I decided to study medicine. My family encouraged me to do this. I successfully completed my degree and could now work as a medic but at one point, I realised that did not make me happy.

I am a busy person: someone who likes to lend a hand, I am a hardworking bee. I was a waiter during my studies, and together with my husband, I founded an agency for personnel services. The break-in came with the Pandemic – nobody needed staff. It was my husband who discovered Amazon’s Delivery Service Program and said: “That fits you perfectly.” – To be honest, I thought so too. I applied and was accepted after a multi-stage process. Then there was a training program lasting several weeks. I later found out that the program for women offered extra support, which made me even happier.

My husband thought my decision to become an Amazon Delivery Service partner was great, the rest of my family did not at all: Why did you study so long and then throw it all away? I admit it is not easy to understand. Over time, I have just noticed that I am much more of a business woman than a doctor. I love making my own decisions, testing my limits and being independent. I find business very exciting and that is why I started studying business law.

What counts at the end of the day is that Amazon customers receive their orders on time and with the best delivery quality. I do my best every day to ensure that our team achieves this.

-Katren Sweetat, Amazon Delivery Service Partner and founder of We BrinKS GmbH.

Before I started my delivery company “We BrinKS”, I first looked for drivers. I come from the ‘front line’ and I know how important it is to find the right people. After two and a half months, I only had 8 drivers: inside, that was disappointing. Since then our team has grown to 30 drivers. For me they are my working family, and I also try to help with private problems. We are all working as usual; wages and social benefits are properly paid, and Amazon checks this through weekly audits.

We have been delivering for Amazon since October. Our routes start from the distribution centre in Bad Oldesloe. What counts at the end of the day is that Amazon customers receive their orders on time and with the best delivery quality. I do my best every day to ensure that our team achieves this and I believe that this trait is a major part of our success. As a newcomer to the delivery business, I try to learn a lot from others. The Amazon team in the distribution centre support me a lot. We now know each other well and have a good relationship.

People who don’t know me sometimes mistake me for an employee and ask me where the boss is. Something like that bounces off me. As a woman in this industry, you have to gain respect: appear confident and not emotional. The rest will come automatically. My key to success: work hard, get up with a smile every day and do everything with love.

About the author

Katren founded her delivery company, We BrinKS GmbH, in October 2020 and has been an Amazon delivery partner in Bad Oldesloe ever since. Despite successfully completing her studies, she decided against working as a medical doctor. “I’m more interested in being a business woman,” says Katren. In addition to her job, she is studying business law at university. Katren joined the Amazon Delivery Service program and took part in a multi-week training program for Delivery Service Partners. Her team now consists of 30 drivers.

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