Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Business Marketing?

ByWomen's Business Club

Nov 28, 2018

When it comes to running a business, you need to be aware of all aspects of getting it just right. After all, when you start out, you take a big risk to possibly leave a wage behind and the security that a job can give you. You want to ensure that you make your business work, take the right steps to make it the success that you visualise, but yet along the way you could make a few mistakes. Here are some of the common ones that may prompt you to make some changes.

Have you got decent images?

First of all, we all know that a lot of what we purchase is done through visuals. We look in brochures or online for vacations. We browse catalogues or watch TV adverts for items of clothing or food. We search online for ideas and are greeted with visuals all of the time to entice us. But if the images you have of the products and services you offer are not up to scratch is this a mistake? The answer is yes. Let’s take an example, a hotel. You don’t book it without first looking at the pictures, and a hotel wouldn’t advertise without taking into account a hotel photographer and what they could offer. Photographers, or at least taking time to learn about how to style a photograph and lighting, will help enhance your business potential regarding being more enticing to your customers. It is worthwhile to consider.

A website that works for you

Does your website work hard? It is all well and good having pages with great images and fantastic content, only for it to not be seen. This is when search engine optimisation could work in your favour. Take the time to think about keywords, and to also think about the way other websites could link back to your business to help search engines establish that you rank well. There is more information online about this to help you get started.

Engagement on social media

Social media is so important for businesses these days. But do you do it right? Sure you may post online, you may share a picture, but is that it? You need to have a strong social media campaign and one that stands out to help your business succeed. It isn’t just about sharing; it is about being consistent in doing it. You need to engage and reply to comments and direct messages. Do you do that now? Maybe not. You need to take advantage of other tools such as stories or live video feeds. Just do more and take into account what is needed to grow a business online.

Trying alternative avenues

Finally, the trend of shopping local is coming back into play, and this is something that you may not have focused on before. Many think that to be successful you can do it online, but if you focus on your local community as well, you do have a strong success opportunity. You may be the only business locally that does what you do, online you will have competition. So tap into that customer base. It might mean advertising locally, or being present at events. It could work well for your business.

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By Women's Business Club

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