How Brand Ambassadors Can Help You


First of all let’s start with who a brand ambassador is.

Your biggest fan. Someone who will “big up” your business and brand.

A genuine user of your product who spreads the joy of your company via word of mouth, social media and blogs.

An employee who is loyal, totally involved in the business and the brand and shares love.

You, the business owner. 24/7 you represent your brand.

Why do you need one?

Word of mouth is a brilliant and effective PR. A brand ambassador who genuinely loves your brand is fantastic advertising. They will speak positively about you and your business to many people.

Who makes a good ambassador and where do I find one?

Ask your customers who are loyal if they want the opportunity to help your brand. You will need to give them something in return – a discount or free product.

Keep an eye on your social media and see who mentions you or is active daily. Brand Ambassadors do not need to be famous people but need to be good customers and active socially.

Bloggers can make excellent ambassadors, but again, I do want to reiterate how important it is they genuinely like your product or brand. It’s wonderful if someone well known wants to support your brand but the public are wise to a non – genuine promotion.

In some companies, you may not be able to use customers or their stories but the people who work for you or are part of the company can be excellent ambassadors. Help your employees to become involved in the brand – share their stories, share their accomplishments and their hobbies or charity fundraising.

I do advise you make sure you have an agreement in writing between yourself and your ambassador that details what free products/ discounts you will offer them and how much you require in return. Make sure this is detailed and the ambassador is aware of how often you expect social media mentions, whether you want to use their photo or expect them to wear your logo on occasions. It helps to give your ambassador a script that they can use when they speak to people or when they are on social media; it’s important that they reflect the tone of voice of your company and brand.

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