Challenges Faced by Women in Business

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Some people think that women’s issues are in the past now, there’s a perception that they have overcome the major barriers and now enjoy parity in social and business. But this is not the case. Actually, women still have a long way to go. 

There are several challenges facing women in the world today, especially in the world of business. There are stereotypes to overcome, networks to build, and issues with funding that don’t exist for men. But if women are used to one thing it’s the continual struggle for equality and parity, so each obstacle is simply a new challenge. 

Defying Social Expectations

There are still significantly fewer women in business than men, despite great progress being made. This is partly due to opportunity, the business world is dominated by men and nepotism is a powerful mode of opportunity. Add to this the stereotyping and social expectations and you have a great obstacle.

Women must be valued in their own right and not as a version of male qualities. It’s easy to assume that if women were a bit more like men they would have more success in the world of business, but the female gender has its own qualities and forms of strength. 

Accessing Funding

One issue that is very prevalent in the world of business is funding for women entrepreneurs. It might seem shocking but the reality is fewer females are funded by venture capital. There are reasons for this such as nepotism and tribalism. However, the answer is still unclear. 

Often Venture Capital is used to support projects that are linked in some way to institutions, like a print shop near me, and because institutions tend to have men at the helm, there is a tendency to fund more male projects. To counter this, women need to create more networks and achieve higher positions in institutions. 

The Struggle to be Taken Seriously 

The way our male-dominated culture has developed there is a certain conditioning on women that creates negative self-talk and feelings of worthlessness. It is not their fault. It is cultural attitudes that resonate through generations and affect everyone, male and female. 

While these cultural attitudes are negative and damaging they are also fictional. They are just ideas and beliefs that don’t have any bearing on a woman’s likelihood of success unless she listens to them and believes them herself. Instead, she can laugh at them or use them as a springboard to success.  

Owning Your Accomplishments

Many women have grown up with an idea that they have strong consensus-building qualities inherent in their gender and that these must be developed to create stronger communities and bonds. There may be some truth to this, but in business, it’s equally important to own your accomplishments and stand out from the crowd.

Some may argue that this is a male quality that a female must adopt to fit a stereotype. Others will say that it’s a feature of business and stands outside gender boundaries. That’s a debate. But day-to-day business is built on reputations and it’s important you cement you’re whether you’re female or male.


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