Women’s Business Club Launches ‘Coffee & Coworking’ Initiative to Empower Welsh Businesswomen

ByWomen's Business Club

Jun 6, 2023


Popular global movement for businesswomen, Women’s Business Club, has launched a ‘Coffee & Coworking’ initiative tailored to the Welsh businesswomen audience. The aim is to bring more women together across Wales, creating accessible local business communities and combating isolation in the business world.

The objective for 2023 is to establish a minimum of 1,000 Coffee & Coworking communities across all UK, providing support to women who are building businesses or careers. The initiative began in Cheltenham and Edinburgh in 2022, and in 2023, over 40 communities have already been established worldwide. You can find them here!

Although only 4% of the goal has been achieved thus far, the women and members of Women’s Business Club remain optimistic that business owners throughout Wales will unite to reach the target. By doing so, thousands of businesswomen will receive support and empowerment to succeed in their ventures, contributing to the economic recovery.

“Our mission to ensure no woman feels alone in business is more important now than ever as the business failure rate is at an all time high.” said founder and CEO of Women’s Business Club Angela De Souza.

“We want to ensure women have the practical support and community that they need to succeed. Our Coffee & Coworking events go hand in hand with our business app where more practical business support is offered. This ensures that there is both community as well as training available to all who need it no matter what stage of business they are at. ”

Venue partners, including Natwest, who host Coffee & Coworking at many of their Accelerator Hubs, ARC Inspirations, and Leonardo Hotels, along with various small independent businesses, are supporting the initiative.

Coffee & Coworking sessions typically last around three hours and take place monthly. They are free to attend, with participants responsible for purchasing their own refreshments on the day. Women can join to work, network, and connect with local businesswomen, forming influential communities. Each group is led by a member of the Women’s Business Club.

Scottish leader, Sarah Eddie of SE Tax Professionals, who lives in Falkirk, Scotland joined Women’s Business Club after starting her own business says,

“I started my own business as I felt I was being forced to choose between having a career and being a good parent. I felt that was not necessary and running my own business allowed me to have flexibility.

“However when you make that choice, you don’t have the same connection with your former colleagues as they don’t understand the journey you are on. That’s what I love about the Women’s Business Club. We support each other and it’s not competitive. It’s welcoming, it’s relaxed and supportive.”

Coffee & Coworking is suitable for any woman in business, regardless of their goals, type of business, or ambitions. It caters to those:

  • Thinking about starting a business and wanting to find out more.
  • Running a very small business from home and wanting to grow.
  • Trying to recover after their business was impacted negatively by the pandemic.
  • Feeling alone and isolated and looking for support.
  • Leading a business and wanting to give back to other women.
  • Working for a company and want to get out of the office.

For more information about setting up and running a Coffee & Coworking community, supported by the Women’s Business Club visit womensbusiness.club/leaders

By Women's Business Club

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