Create Time to Spend with Inspiring People.

I have just come back to the office this afternoon feeling so refreshed, excited and inspired after spending the afternoon with two great businesswomen! It was a very last-minute thing, and I very luckily was able to free up some time at the last minute to spend the afternoon painting some toy horses pink… There was a very good reason for us to be painting horses, but that’s not really what I would like to focus on just yet! What I want to focus on is how I felt whilst painting these horses and how I feel now writing this post.

Inspired. Excited. Motivated!

You may be wondering why I find painting horses pink so inspiring or motivating and the truth is, I didn’t. It was spending quality time chatting with two amazing and successful businesswomen. I was able to have a peek inside an inspiring workspace, hear stories and news from these women, have a little glimpse into their world and briefly be a part of it. That is what I found inspiring! And that is why we need to spend time with these sorts of people. I have already written about finding your creative role model in a previous post, and this really adds to that.

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I often talk about how important it is to spend time with people that inspire you and encourage you creatively, but one thing I hear many people (including myself!) say is that they just can’t find the time! So clearly, what we need to do is create time. I mean, we’re all creative right!? If we are running a successful business, of course, we are all going to be busy! But today my eyes were really opened to the possibilities of how we can create time to spend together. And it is simply by doing stuff togetherToday, Naomi needed some help painting all these horses pink! And it was really great that we were able to help her and at the same time spend time together chatting about all things business, creative and interesting! And so much more productive than just meeting for a coffee 😉 So today Naomi needed help, perhaps next time I’ll need some help! Let’s all be more willing to help each other out and spend more time together inspiring and motivating each other, without having to take too much time out of our diary!

I would love to know what you think, or if you have a creative way to spend more time with creative people!

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