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This week for me has been a busy one with lots of travelling and being away from my home and my office! My usual daily routine was non-existent (hence the late blog post!) and there was a lot that I could not do this week. But despite all this, I have been continually thinking how I can make this work for me, and what I can use to challenge us all this week! And I think the answer has become clear.. If we are to find creativity in everything we do – this should be no different! It’s obvious really, when you think about it 😉 

So this week was a great trip to London and Bath with the Women’s Business Club Team. It was hectic and intense, and could easily have been a horribly busy time, rushing through busy streets with my head down, power walking to each destination determined to get as much work done as possible! But before I left for the long drive I made a decision to find creativity and inspiration in everything we do! And so our trip to London was amazing and beautiful and inspiring and left me feeling full of life and creativity! So here’s my challenge to you this week:

Find creativity and inspiration in your everyday activities! 


Some of my clippings from London. Even with my dodgy little camera phone, I was able to capture some of the beauty that was surrounding me on a walk around London in the evening and take some inspiration home with me! We could’ve stayed at our hotel and got on with a lot of work that needed doing! But we chose to enjoy this wonderful opportunity of being in such a beautiful city to refresh our bodies and our minds and actually enjoy ourselves 😉
It is so important that you keep yourself inspired whilst running your business – or it will get boring and your creative work will suffer. It is important to be visually stimulated by making an effort to either look for unseen beauty around you or go ahead and visit some beautiful places. It is also equally important to give yourself some ‘thinking time’. Let your mind wander every now and then and see what wonderful ideas you come up with, just by giving your brain a chance to breathe and refresh itself 🙂
Also, take time to do things you love! Go out for a fancy meal, or create a beautiful plate of food! Paint or draw, collage and sew – even if it’s not part of your business. Do what you need to do to get your creative juices flowing and find your inspiration – then bring it all back into your business and see what unique and wonderful ideas and concepts you come up with!
I have decided to take a little sketchbook with me where ever I go, and I hope to fill it with wonderful ideas, creativity and inspiration so that if I am feeling a bit drained in my business, I have a book full of inspiration to lift me up! I call it my little book of big ideas.. what will you do?

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