Find Your Creative Role Model

This may not be much of a challenge for most of us! I am sure we all know a lot of artsy creative people that we spend time with, but I was really challenged recently to strategically surround myself with the right kind of people. The kind of people who would inspire me, build me up and take me to a whole new level in business. It is important that these people are successful and authentic. They need to be in a place that I would aspire to be in, so I can see a real-life example of what I am working towards! The right people will help build up your confidence rather than pull you down and make you doubt yourself.

For me, I aspire to be a successful businesswoman. But I want to do things differently, in a more creative, unique and innovative way! So what I need to do, is go out and find someone who has done exactly this, and learn as much as I can from this person!

I have some amazing women in my life, who inspire me and who have so much knowledge and experience. And for the last two years, I have learnt so much from them! The only thing lacking has been that they don’t think the same way I do and so the way they do things may not be the way I would or even should do things!

So that is my challenge – who would you like to spend your time with?
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