Work With Your Natural Rhythms

Something I have been working on and trying to pay more attention to lately is my natural rhythms and my natural flow! Do you ever feel like you are wading through mud or struggling more than is reasonable to get a task done? Or finding yourself continually procrastinating? I am very often telling myself off for scrolling through a nearby magazine or flicking through Facebook or finding some random task to do that doesn’t necessarily need doing. Usually, this happens when I just can’t face the actual task that needs to get done, and I am starting to think that it means something!

So I’ve started to try to do something a little differently 🙂 I’ve started to take note of these times to try and see why I might be feeling that way! Maybe there is a pattern? Maybe I have more energy, creativity or brain power at certain times of day! So Maybe, I should be more mindful of what tasks I do, at what times of the day?

I have in no way figured this out completely for myself yet, but as I have started experimenting, I have already begun to see some results! One Monday afternoon, just after lunch, I sat down to create my marketing plan. But I noticed I spent about 10 mins just staring at my piece of paper, fiddling with bits and pieces on my desk, desperately grasping for some inspiration! But I couldn’t find it, and I was really nor enjoying this experience.  The most dominant part of me immediately thought – “Just push through, this needs to be done and so you must do it now as planned!”, but there was a much quieter part of me that said – “Perhaps now is not the time, maybe you’ll be more inspired in the morning?”. I’m surprised I heard that quiet voice, as most of the time I feel obligated to listen to that driving voice! But that day I heard the quiet voice – and I listened to it! Instead of doing my marketing plan, I opened up my emails and got on with some admin until the day was over. The next morning, as soon I was up and about I rushed into the office to put together my marketing plan, and it was done within the hour! (It was a rough idea for my first draft of my marketing plan, not necessarily the finished perfected plan!)


So I’m starting to learn to follow my bodies natural rhythm’s and flow, so I can really enjoy my work and be more productive! Maybe you should give it a try too! As always, do let me know how you get on! And remember, you probably won’t perfect it within a week, but now is a great time to start thinking about it 🙂

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By Women's Business Club

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