Designing A Modern Office Space For Your Modern Business

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Feb 24, 2021

The workplace as we know it is constantly changing. COVID-19 might have thrown a curveball by taking people out of offices and into their homes, but change was afoot before that. People want to work in spaces that inspire and motivate them to do their best work, and having a work environment that suits your forward-thinking business is a good way to achieve that.

Getting creative with your office space provides the opportunity for a fresh and exciting start, getting your business ready to move with the times. 

So what does it take to build a contemporary workplace? Here are some ideas for designing a modern office space for your modern business.


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Make the space open and collaborative

Open office spaces are becoming more popular. Businesses are saying goodbye to closed off, individual offices and instead are favouring a more open workplace so that people can work closely together. In addition, open spaces will also allow managers to easily motivate employees during difficult times and communicate with them about important business matters.

A survey from The Survey House will be able to help you figure out what’s possible in your building. Large, open office spaces can be hard to come by, so you might need to get creative with what’s available.


Design it to fit your brand

Your office should reflect the type of business you are. If you have a vibrant, youthful brand, design your office to match. If your brand is more focused on being clean and green, bring that look and feel into your office too. Take a look at some of the most impressive modern office spaces to get some inspiration.


Make it adaptable

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that businesses need to be able to adapt to change, and quickly! Having an office space where you can let people work at a safe distance, with technology they can take home with them, should be important considerations for your business. Many workplaces adopt hot-desking, where employees have no fixed desk. This not only saves money, but it could be a space-saving solution if you expect to have people work from home more often.

Health and safety should be your most important considerations for your office space, so keep this in mind when planning your design.


Consider including an outdoor area

Many workers can spend all day at their desk. This doesn’t encourage a healthy work/life balance, nor does it help their physical health. Providing an outdoor area in your workplace can encourage people to step outside during the day, have meetings and lunch with colleagues in the fresh air and boost their mood. Time outdoors can work wonders for energy and productivity levels, and will be a much-appreciated part of your workplace.

The right workplace can not only help your business thrive, but be a place that your employees love to work, creating a wonderful environment that people dream to work in. What would your ideal office look like?

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