Unveiling Women’s Business Club’s Diverse Event Palette for 2024

Unlocking Opportunities in 2024: Explore the Women’s Business Club Event Types

As we step into the dynamic landscape of 2024, the Women’s Business Club is thrilled to unveil a spectrum of enriching event types designed to elevate your professional journey. Whether you prefer the vibrancy of in-person gatherings or the convenience of virtual experiences, our diverse offerings cater to your unique needs and aspirations.

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At the Women’s Business Club, we understand that each professional journey is unique. That’s why our 2024 event line-up is crafted to cater to diverse preferences and ambitions. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, collaboration, or practical advice, our events are designed to empower you on your path to success. Embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. Join us at the Women’s Business Club events and let’s elevate each other in 2024 and beyond.

Monthly Local In-Person Events:

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1. Business Lunch:
Savour a delectable blend of networking and nourishment. Our Business Lunch events provide a relaxed yet purposeful environment for meaningful connections, expert speaker and mini-mastermind over a delightful meal.
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2. Coffee & Coworking:
Transform your work routine by joining our coworking sessions. Whether you seek a change of scenery or collaborative energy, these sessions offer a shared workspace to enhance productivity and creativity.
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3. Netwalking:
Combine the benefits of networking and physical activity with our Netwalking events. Stroll through inspiring locations, engage in conversations, and forge connections in a refreshing outdoor setting.
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4. Tribe Night:
Experience the power of community at our Tribe Nights. These gatherings are social afterwork drinks with a speaker allowing you to connect with like-minded individuals in a relaxed, supportive and empowering environment.
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Global Virtual Events:

  1. Power Hour:
    Maximise your time with our Power Hour sessions. These condensed yet impactful one hour virtual meetings focus on key topics, providing a burst of inspiration and knowledge to fuel your professional growth.
  2. Round Tables:
    Join intimate and focused discussions with our Round Tables. These virtual gatherings facilitate in-depth conversations, allowing you to share insights and learn from the experiences of others.
  3. Webinars:
    Dive into the world of virtual learning through our webinars. Led by industry experts, these sessions cover a wide range of topics, offering valuable insights and actionable takeaways.

Stay tuned for event announcements and pre-register to secure your spot in these transformative experiences. Together, let’s make 2024 a year of growth, connection, and achievement!




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