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2023 South West Women’s Business Award Winners

Photography by Meg Anderson Image

2023 South West Winners

Female Founder of the Year sponsored by Tutor in a Box

  • Winner: Katherine Robertson – Youtopia Solutions Ltd
  • Runner up 1: Hannah Roper – The Female Creative
  • Runner up 2: Mary Merheim – Grandbar Snacks

C-Suite Award

  • Winner: Emily Bevan – Room 58 Ltd
  • Runner up 1: Laurel Docker – Airtime Rewards Limited
  • Runner up 2: Samantha Yates – Aither

Young Businesswoman of the Year

  • Winner: Isabelle Miller – GPC Systems Ltd
  • Runner up 1: Izzy Weatherall – Support Small UK
  • Runner up 2: Bethany Smith – Etiquette Events

Startup of the Year sponsored by the Tax Empowerment Network

  • Winner: Melissa Potente – Meliora
  • Runner up 1: Jennifer Opare-Aryee – JOA HR Consulting Limited
  • Runner up 2: Cicely & Clarice Elliott-Berry – Sibling Social

Sustainability Award 

  • Winner: Louise Sutton – BTS
  • Runner up 1: Christina French – ESSENCH Cosmetics

Customer Excellence Award

  • Winner: Rachel Nash – Smart Office Support
  • Runner up 1: Meg Anderson – Meg Anderson Photography
  • Runner up 2: Rachel Lintott – Netcompany

Employer Of Women Award sponsored by Muffin & Poppy

  • Winner: Lorraine – Gileston Manor

CSR Award

  • Winner: Claire Thayers
  • Runner up 1: Susie Mackie – Susie Mackie Life

Champion Award sponsored by SE Tax Pros

  • Winner: Melissa Sterling – Holland & Barrett
  • Runner up 1: Katy Massey – Plan International UK
  • Runner up 2: Mandy Rees – Mother For Life

2023 Scotland Women’s Business Award Winners

Photography by Susan Heaton

2023 Scotland Winners

Female Founder of the Year sponsored by Clockwise

  • Winner: Debbie Byers – Beeline PR
  • Runner up: Aileen Boyle – Fortro Ltd

C-Suite Award

  • Winner: Alexandra Livesy – Clockwise
  • Runner up: Mariam Tariq – The Miracle Foundation

Young Businesswoman of the Year

  • Winner: Beth Gray – PlayerData
  • Runner up: Ivona Vorineckaja – Ivy Data Room

Startup of the Year sponsored by the Tax Empowerment Network

  • Winner: Florence Aluu – Floverse Techsphere

Sustainability Award 

  • Winner: Tabitha Jayne – Earthself Community Interest Company

Customer Excellence Award

  • Winner: Shaima Todd – Mirandus Accountants

Employer Of Women Award sponsored by Muffin & Poppy

  • Winner: Yvonne Balfour – Ultimate Finance
  • Runner up: Mariya Jeyantha Umashangar – Green Tea Education

CSR Award

  • Winner: Hester McQueen – FlyDocs

Champion Award sponsored by SE Tax Pros

  • Winner: Lesley Robertson – Families like Us
  • Runner up: Alison Geddes – Aspect Authism Consultancy


2022 Small Business Award Winners

Best New Business of the Year sponsored by Nimble Approach

  • Winner: Claire Hutchings – Chime 
  • Runner up 1:  Phoebe Gadsden – Medigig
  • Runner up 2: Kristin Thomas – Marble Collective

Business Mum of the Year sponsored by No Regrets Coaching

  • Winner: Kayla Shephard – Safety Mode Limited
  • Runner up 1: Jaime Bridges – Makers House
  • Runner up 2: Jessica Bilston – Positive HR
  • Runner up  3: Fiona Skinner – The Fertility Coaching Company

Businesswoman of the Year sponsored by Marble

  • Winner:  Melissa Snover, Get Nourish3D
  • Runner up 1:  Hannah Roper
  • Runner up 2:  Oumie Denton

Creative Business Award sponsored by The Female Creative

  • Winner: Leanne Elliott – Mariposa Creations Ltd
  • Runner up 1: Heather Hulbert – Heather Hulbert Designs 
  • Runner up 2: Ksenia Belova – Ksenia Belova Photography

Diversity & Inclusion Award sponsored by Indelible Talent

  • Winner: Samantha Stimpson – SLS 360   
  • Runner up 1: Nzinga Orgill – RaCexpert Limited
  • Runner up 2: Rifa Thorpe-Tracey

Employer of the Year sponsored by North West Numbers CIC

  • Winner:  Fiona Warner-Gate – Associate Development Solutions
  • Runner up 1:   Izelle Badenhorst – The Pharsyde
  • Runner up 2:  Kathryn Strachan – Copyhouse

Giving Back Award sponsored by Winowin Consulting

  • Winner: Vicky Denning – The Skin Confidence Clinic Ltd
  • Runner up 1: Helen McCarthy – UK Nanny Ltd
  • Runner up 2: Alice Reeves – The Joyful

Innovation Award sponsored by Findr

  • Winner: Melissa Snover – Nouris3d
  • Runner up 1: Danielle Farrar – Your Baby Scan Ltd
  • Runner up 2: Valerie-Ann Fischer – Valerie Fischer 

Leader of the Year sponsored by Authentic Influence Group

  • Winner: Laura Maginess – GLASGLOW GIRLS CLUB LTD       
  • Runner up 1: Kathryn Northey – Crunch Digital Media  
  • Runner up 2: Sara MacGregor – Leap Create   

Man of the Year sponsored by Better Men

  • Winner: Craig Barclay – Box Leisure
  • Runner up 1: Tommy Hatto – Tommy Hatto Online
  • Runner up 2: Alan Kennedy – Time Team and Money Limited 

Overcomer Award sponsored by Rathbone Brothers Plc

  • Winner: Kelly Bentley
  • Runner up 1: Helen Hill
  • Runner up 2: Laurie Macpherson

Positivity Award sponsored by Proten Sales Development

  • Winner: Elizabeth Olujimi – Dare to believe coaching
  • Runner up 1: Mandy Rees – Mother for life
  • Runner up 2: Chrissy Gregory – My mindset principles

Speaker Award sponsored by Unthread Advisory

  • Winner: Bernie Davies – Bernie Davies Global
  • Runner up 1: Precious Williams – Perfect Pitches by Precious, LLC
  • Runner up 2: Alka Patel – Lifestyle First

Women in FINANCE sponsored by Funding Focus

  • Winner: Charlotte Watson – Charlotte Watson Financial Planning
  • 1st runner up: Renata Cook – Renata Cook Wealth Management
  • 2nd runner up: Kathryn Main – Money Savvy Humans

Women in LAW sponsored by [email protected]

  • Winner: Monica Supra – Mediation Academy
  • Runner up 1: Sarah-Jane Butler – Farringford Legal
  • Runner up 2: Katie Bancroft – Jaffa & Co.

Women in PROPERTY & CONSTRUCTION sponsored by Klara Goldy Interiors

  • Winner: Caitriona Ellis – Ruby Property Solutions
  • Joint Runner up 1:  Faye du Preez  – The Cape Town Real Estate Property Group, with Raquel Manning – Blue Diamond Property Group Pty Ltd
  • Runner up 2:  Michaela Wain –  Design and Build Publishing Ltd

Women in RECRUITMENT & HR sponsored by CraveHRO

  • Winner: Phoebe Sara Gadsden – MediGig Health Care Services Ltd
  • Runner up 1: Jessica Bilston – Positive HR
  • Runner up 2: Laura-Jane Hunt – Feisty 

Women in SALES sponsored by The Sweet Potato Consultancy

  • Winner: Karen Green – Toffee & Lucy Ltd
  • Runner up 1: Marlen von Roth – Atlassian
  • Runner up 2: Becky Colwell – Heart to Heart Sales

Women in SPORTS sponsored by BOOM & Partners

  • Winner: Jessica Shenton – LAGAD
  • Runner up 1: Katie McCreesh – KCM Fitness
  • Runner up 2: Lindsey Mitchell – The Pave Group

Women in STEM sponsored by ShoutOut

  • Winner: Amanda Morgan – Fungi Solutions
  • Runner up 1: Dierdre O’Neill – Hertility Health
  • Runner up 2: Karen McGuigan – Maths for Life
Dr. Shabnam Delfani

“I am absolutely honoured now to achieve the “Runner-UP 2022” certificate and award in the Sustainability category .. yayyy..😃😃💃🏽💃🏽

Regardless of the results, which I have loved to win but I am very honoured to get this far and would like to thank all my beautiful friends and clients who put me forward and took the time to vote.”

“It was an absolute honour to be surrounded by so many amazing women at the awards. To take home an award was even more incredible”.

Emma Donnelly

“Absolutely made up to have been a runner up for Young Businesswoman Of The Year and to have been given a special mention for my business. I set up in Lockdown and had no idea where it would take me.  Never give up on your dreams. If you want to do something, just go out and do it.”

Daisy Burgun

“It was thrilling to have been part of the 10th annual Women’s Business Conference and awards day. Words cannot describe how it felt to come away with the exceptional honour of being Young Businesswoman of the year 2022. I am so thankful to everyone who voted and to the judges and organizers. It was an incredible day, spent with phenomenal women and I am so pleased to have experienced it.”

SME Awards 2022 Scotland Winners

Female Founder of the Year sponsored by WorldPay

  • Winner: Saj Sharif
  • Runner up: Sonja Mitchell – Jump Ship Brewery

C-Suite Award sponsored by Purpose Prompts

  • Winner: Mehrnaz Campbell
  • Runner up: Sheryl Newman

Young Businesswoman of the Year sponsored by Seedrs

  • Winner: Robyn Drummon – Robyn Drummond Fitness
  • Runner up: Lindsey Nesbitt – Flawless Moments

Startup of the Year sponsored by Angel Investments

  • Winner: Dr. Julie McFarlane

Sustainability Award sponsored by Scotcoin

  • Winner: Claire Welsh
  • Runner up: Diana Murray

Customer Excellence Award sponsored by Sky Media UK

  • Winner: Renata Cook
  • Runner up: Lauren Grant

Employer Of Women Award sponsored by Muffin & Poppy

  • Winner: Kathryn Strachan – Copy House
  • Runner up: Judith Higson – Scullion Law

CSR Award sponsored by SE Tax Pros

  • Winner: Nancy Loucks
  • Runner up: Eve Broadis

Champion Award sponsored by SE Tax Pros

  • Winner: Florence Igboayaka
    Runner up: Viana Maya


SME Awards 2022 England Winners

Female Founder of the Year sponsored by AddThenMultipy

  • Winner: Sophie Parker, Tutor In A Box (Birmingham)
  • Runner up 1: Rebecca Worsley, Rainy City Agency (Manchester)
  • Runner up 2: Nzinga Orgill, RaCExpert (London)

C-Suite Award sponsored by BarrettStacey Accounting

  • Winner: Rebecca Dickson – Eco Foundry Ltd (Sevenoaks)
  • Runner up 1: Liz Jackson – BCMS (Kingsclere)
  • Runner up 2: Rebecca Burgess – The Hunger Project UK (Bristol)

Young Businesswoman of the Year sponsored by Seedrs

  • Winner: Daisy Burgun – Pooky Lighting (Gloucester)
  • Runner up 1: Aneta Buckthought – Pure-Ception LTD (London)
  • Runner up 2: Emma Donnelly – Ask Emma Social (Widnes)

Startup of the Year sponsored by Lets Reset

  • Winner: Louise Hirst – Mrs Everything (Sidcup)
  • Runner up 1: Sarah Hurja – La Boheme Photography (Fareham)
  • Runner up 2: Mary Merheim – Grandbar Snacks (Tewkesbury)

Sustainability Award sponsored by Sustainable X

  • Winner: Isabelle Alexander – In Capri Swim (Nottingham)
  • Runner up 1: Rebecca Dickson – Eco Foundry Ltd (Sevenoaks)
  • Runner up 2: Shabnam Delfani – Ramtech Consultant (Milton Keynes)

Customer Excellence Award sponsored by Your Startup Partner

  • Winner: Rachel Rodgers – Nose To Trail (Chester)
  • Runner up 1: Paddy White – Virtual Diamond (Gloucester)
  • Runner up 2: Pia Cato – Vanilla Pod Bakery (Cheltenham)

Employer Of Women Award sponsored by Enlist Recruitment

  • Winner: Yvonne Balfour – Ultimate Finance (Edinburgh)
  • Runner up 1: Maxine Fothergill – Amax Estates & Property Services (Gravesend)

CSR Award sponsored by SE Tax Pros

  • Winner: Olivia Turley – Corinthian Wealth Management (Cheltenham)
  • Runner up 1: Lillie Jamieson – Send it to Alex (Oxford)  

Champion Award sponsored by SHE Strategy

  • Winner: Claire Goodwin-Fee – Frontline19 (London)
  • Runner up 1: Michelle Cooper – Make New Friends (Tamworth)
  • Runner up 2: Anita Devi – #TeamADL (Milton Keynes)

LEAP Create MD, Sara MacGregor, with her trophy after winning runner-up for ‘Leader of the Year’.
“The whole team at LEAP Create is so proud of you, and is very lucky to have you as our leader 💫🤍”

Paddy White - Customer Excellence Runner Up

“Thrilled to have gotten Runner Up 2022 in the Customer Excellence category at the Woman Business Awards! Considering we are a small company at Virtual Diamond, this is indeed a huge achievement. HUGE Thank You to my team as well. They have worked tirelessly these last few years to keep our clients happy and content. Sometimes you don’t realise the small things that we do make such big differences in our clients’ lives.

Also thank you to Angela De Souza & the amazing team at Women’s Business Club for such a super day, educational, well organised, entertaining and a great place to meet like minded women who excel in their field.”


Pia Cato
“The Women’s Business Conference was a super event to be part of, and being acknowledged as a runner-up in the Customer Excellence award was the icing on the cake. It was great to meet so many inspiring women and make new contacts. The two workshops I attended were brilliant, and certainly gave me things to think about. Thank you so much Angela and team for hosting this fabulous day.”  Find Pia on Instagram at @vanillapodbakery, Facebook at @vanillapodbakery and Twitter at @vanillapodchelt
Rebecca Dickson

“I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who voted for me, I really appreciate it. Winning the C-Suite Award is a significant milestone achievement in my career and I am truly grateful for all the love and support. Thank you to all, I am delighted.”

Aneta Buckthought

“I am very grateful for this opportunity to participate in the Women’s Business Club ceremony and achieve recognition as a runner-up in the Young Business Women of 2022.  I want to congratulate all the fantastic female entrepreneurs for their achievements. And big thank you to all the voters and sponsors, as without their commitment, this wouldn’t be possible.”

Awards 2021 Winners

With thanks to Xero and our sponsors and congratulations to our winners

Love My Businesses’ Best New Business of the Year
Winner: Alice Cooke – A Girl Of My Word
Runner up 1: Heidi Solomon-Orlick – GirlzWhoSell
Runner up 2: Siew Imm Theresa Teo – AlphaImm Agency

KW COACHING’s Business Mum of the Year
Winner: Sophie Robinson – Sophie Gets Social
Runner up 1: Ufuoma Anghora – Marvellous Mix Limited
Runner up 2: Jem Piggott – Tinkers

BBX’s Businesswoman of the Year
Winner: Sophie Milliken – SRS Recruitment and Employability Experts
Runner up 1: Barbara Cox-Lovesy – BcNutrition
Runner up 2:

ShoutOut’s Creative Business Award
Winner: Iola Nguyen – meetkeypeople.com.
Runner up 1: Charlotte Fry- Founder of Adnil Creations
Runner up 2: Kerstin Gruenling – Ciorstain-Photography

Elite Business’ Diversity & Inclusion Award
Winner: Bernie Davies – Bernie Davies Global
Runner up 1: Siwan Smith – Anchored In
Runner up 2: Dee Burrowes – Dee Burrowes Transformational Life Coaching

Luceat Coaching’s Employer of the Year
Winner: Kathryn Strachan – Copy House
Runner ups:
Automation Ninjas
Garden Spa Entertainment
Nicholson & Co Accountancy
Pressed for Time Cleaning Ltd
The Bristow Partnership Ltd

Work For Good’s Giving Back Award
Winner: Patricia Maine – Sizo Community Outreach
Runner up 1: Janet Grima – Bully Zero
Runner up 2: Lerato Lebopo – PEYMCA

Innovation Award
Winner: Jane Weller – Clear Expression Masks / Face Coverings
Runner up 1: Martina Fabricci – CRISPR Biotech Engineering
Runner up 2: Leah Spasova – Sexperts Business Community & LIFESEXPERTS

Namos Solutions’ Leader of the Year
Winner: Toni Trevillion – Electric House
Runner up 1: Kathryn Northey – Crunch Digital Media
Runner up 2: Megan Gamble – Hashtag Me Limited

EdenTravel Edinburgh’s Man of the Year
Winner: Chris Tipping – The DM Lab
Runner Up 1: Richard Moore – S.E. Tax Professionals Ltd
Runner Up 2: Matthew Ford – Creative Nature

LiberGlobal’s Overcomer Award
Winner: Vicki Boddice – Boddice Accounting
Runner up 1: Debbie Mountjoy – Nook and Cranny Deep Clean and Decluttering Service
Runner up 2: Millie Flemington- Clare – Human Beauty

Go Beyond’s Positivity Award
Winner: Gillian Hughes – Chatty Flamingo
Runner up 1: Kim Platts – Kim Adele Ltd
Runner up 2: Jackie Scully – Think

Lovelda Vincenzi’s Speaker Award
Winner: Jasmine Mbye – The Like Me CIC
Runner up 1: Kim-adele Platts – Kim Adele
Runner up 2: Melanie Stanley – FirstWoman

SETax Pros’ Women in FINANCE
Winner: Trusha Lakhani – Great Business Matters Ltd
Runner up 1: Faith Mupakaviri – Feline Corporation Limited
Runner up 2: Diane Watson – She Can Prosper

Women in LAW
Winner: Naeema Sajid – Diversity+
Runner up 1: Nwabisa Hexana – Hexana Attorneys
Runner up 2: Pamela Maass – Law Mother

Winner: Manini Mbongwa – Capitec
Runner up 1: Shaynesia Byfield – Homes for Haringey
Runner up 2: Charlotte Morphet – Women in Planning

Winner: Louise Deverell-Smith
Runner up 1: Julie Grabham
Runner up 2: Laura-Jane Hunt

GirlzWhoSell’s Women in SALES
Winner: Trudi Austin – Creative Nature, LTD.
First runner up: Kelly Parnell – Cybermo LLP
Second runner up: Rebecca Whitmore – Your Mortgage Plus

Women in SPORTS
Winner: Hassan Rahman-Pink Diamond Martial Arts
Runner up 1: Naki Kaddu – DIDA Sports Organisation CIC
Runner up 2: Ivy Meyer – Out of Africa Dance Academy

Izzytea’s Women in STEM
Winner: Harriet Lloyd – Atos
Runner up 1: Vicki Frost – Sign Connect UK
Runner up 2: Laura Goodsell Anchor Online Designs

Trudi Austin

“Absolutely thrilled, stunned and every other emotion, to be recognised as the Winner of Women In Sales 2021 at the Women’s Business Club awards ceremony!

A huge thank you to all the team at Creative Nature Ltd for the nomination. I have learned so much about food allergies and intolerances and the impact they can have on lives and now on a personal mission to make allergy free products available across all channels – surely food that is safe to eat is a simple request. What a way to round off 2021!” – Trudi Austin


Naki Kaddu

“I am delighted to have been acknowledged to achieve runner up for the Women in Sport award. It has been a busy couple of years with lots of adapting and creative planning, new partnerships and like minded sponsors encouraging what we’re doing at DIDA Sports Organisation CIC. A big thank you to our epic team of volunteers and friends in the UK and Uganda for nominating me for this award – you are all superstars!” – Naki Kaddu


“I am delighted to have won the Businesswoman of the Year award. It has been a busy year with lots of client wins and the publication of my second book so this is a lovely way to round off 2021. A big thank you to my epic team for nominating me for this award – they are all superstars!” – Sophie Milliken

www.smart-resourcing-solutions.com | twitter.com/SRS_Sophie

Julie Grabham
Julie Grabham

“Delivering excellent HR support is always challenging, but more so during the pandemic.  I am absolutely thrilled to be named as runner up in the HR & Recruitment category in the prestigious UK Women in Business awards. Having my business, JG HR Solutions Limited recognised, especially my free HR guidance #HRFrommyshed  really makes a difference to me as a woman in business.

It was also a proud mother moment as my daughter Kathryn Northey was named runner up in the Leadership category for her work for her employer, Crunch Digital Media. Being nominated for awards is a great way to boost confidence and professional profile.  Thank you to all that took organised these awards and to those who took part – we are all amazing!” – Julie Grabham


Iola Nguyen
“I am so thrilled to have won the Creative Business Award 2021. It’s such a great honour and I want to thank everyone who made this possible! It’s just the beginning, but the Meet Key People team promise to be your best asset in your quest to achieve your goals and fulfil your lifelong dreams. Don’t wait for it to happen, go make it happen!” – Iola Nguyen

“It was exciting to be announced as the first runner up for the Business Mum of The Year! It felt good to actually hear my name called out. You all are amazing! Thank you, Angela De Souza and the Women Business Club for the opportunity. It is such a privilege to be in the company of great women supporting other women. Many thanks to everyone that voted and congratulations to all the winners. I appreciate you all.” – Ufuoma Anighoro

Gillian Hughes
Gillian Hughes

“It’s such an honour to be awarded the Positivity Award. During what has been a tough time I am thrilled that the positivity from myself and my business, Chatty Flamingo has been recognised with this prestigious award. I’m even more delighted in having such a positive impact on many people’s lives. I feel honoured, proud, humbled and driven to reach even more women, and to work with them to help them make a ‘positive’ difference to their lives.” – Gillian Hughes


Becs Gadsby
Becs Gadsby

“It was a fantastic surprise and an honour to be nominated as a finalist for the Leader of the Year Award. Being part of a celebration of brilliant individuals making a positive difference through their work was both humbling and inspiring. A great way to end the year! Thank you. ” – Becs Gadsby

Kathryn Strachan

“It is an honour and an outstanding accomplishment to win the Employer of the Year award by the Women’s Business Club. From the very beginning, I’ve had the mantra, ‘Happy Team, Happy Clients’, and I’ve always done whatever is in my power to ensure my team had a great work environment. My senior team and I strive for creating a welcoming, inclusive, and diverse environment, and we’ve successfully achieved that by listening to what the team needs and then going above and beyond in providing the right support to them. Putting the team’s mental and physical health at the forefront of business decisions has been a constant priority and will always remain a significant decision making factor at Copy House.”

Jane Weller
Jane Weller

“OMG, I never thought in a million years that I would win the Innovation Award. I am delighted to receive this award for my team and for all those vulnerable people who need to see the lips hidden behind full-face coverings and masks. Super elated. Thank you so much for this opportunity delighted.” – Jane Weller

Awards 2020 Winners

With thanks to our sponsors and congratulations to our winners

Women’s Business Club’s Businesswoman of the Year:
WINNER: Susan Rudden – The Grassington House Hotel
RUNNER-UPS: Leanne Eustace – Accounted For Limited
Danni Simmons – Nail Tech Network Limited

Parents in Biz’s Business Mum of the Year
WINNER: Natalie Ward – Latched
RUNNER-UP: Leanne Collins – Topaz Nails Hair & Beauty

Penny Power’s Best New Business
Gia Mills – Skin in Motion
RUNNER-UP: Cordelia Kate – Rebellious Business

LetsReset Overcomer Award
WINNER: Karen Ramsay-Smith – Bigger Picture Coaching
RUNNER-UPS: Jennifer Bòidheach – Saorsa Cosmetics
Naomi Brown – Harmony Business and Life Solutions

fundUgive2’s Giving Back Award
WINNER: Rebecca Morgan – Brennan – Morgans Wigs
RUNNER-UPS: Mathilde Boyer – Zest Ambition
Jenna Grace – Esteem Team CIC

My Super Connector’s Positivity Award
WINNER: Natalie Trice – Natalie Trice Limited
RUNNER-UPS: Kathrine McAleese – Dr Kathrine: Mind to Win
Hira Ali – Advancing Your Potential

LiberGlobal’s Innovation Award
WINNER: Martina Fabricci – Crispr Biotech Engineering
RUNNER-UP: Joelle Byrne – JoelleByrne.com

Justelle Marketing & Media’s Creative Business Award
WINNER: Amy Leat – Britburys
RUNNER-UPS: Joanne Moorhouse – Joanne Moorhouse Brand Photographer
Samantha Pearce – Swatt Books

Cara Stationery’s Speaker Award
WINNER: Fiona McKay – Lightbulb Leadership Solutions
RUNNER-UP: Judith Parsons – The LinkedIn Lady

Business Leaders Academy’s Leader of the Year
WINNERS: Fiona Jackson and Rebecca Mason
RUNNER-UP: Sue Richards – Pink Spaghetti PA Services”

Pitchero’s Man of the Year
WINNER: Peter Quintana – hgkc
RUNNER-UP: Thomas Goggins – LaVolta Events Ltd

Lauren Johnson
Lauren Johnson

“It was an absolute honour to be a finalist in three categories: 🔹Giving Back Award ️🔸️Positivity Award 🔹️Businesswoman of the Year Award

I may not have won but with the nonexistent government support I’ve received since lockdown began, I’m so immensely proud of all my achievements and all the charitable contributions I’ve made 💗

My other half also came Runner Up in the Man of the Year Award whilst representing my businesses so feeling incredibly proud today 🌈

LaVolta Events | Let’s Keep Dancing Challenge! | www.lavoltaevents.co.uk


Devesha Bhavsar
“What an amazing evening, I am so grateful to be finalist in ‘Creative Business Award’. Thank you Angela De Souza  for making this event memorable for all of us. I’ve connected with many entrepreneurs and looking forward to network with them. 💖 Magic happens when one woman supports another woman ❤️ Thank you eveyone who’s nominated me, this would not have been possible without your support.” – Devesha Bhavsar
“It was a honour to become a Finalist in the ‘New Business Of The Year’ Award. Congratulations to all the Winners🏆 Thx for the Award Nominee & Award Finalist Logo use.😀 Did you know 8️⃣5️⃣% of women in UK wear the Wrong Bra size? The BEST BRA is one you never think about. 👙” –  Sandy Chamberlain, THE BRA FITTER
Natalie Trice
“As the winner of the 2020 Positivity Award, I am absolutely thrilled and smiling from ear to ear. 2020 has been a massive challenge for so many, on so many levels and while I’ve known challenges, we can find a way ahead. We don’t have to be positive 100% of the time but finding the positive in each day. An makes a huge difference. Let’s continue to support one another and find those silver linings because they are there.” – Natalie Trice
Rebecca Mason

“Feeling very proud and honoured to receive the award for “Leader of the Year 2020” I am passionate about running the York club and strive to build a community of women making authentic connections, supporting and encouraging each other on their journey. Come and join us here York I am also a York businesswoman owner of The Social Media tree. I work with businesses making Social Media work for you and your business.” – Rebecca Mason

Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn

Susan Rudden- Business Woman of the Year 2020

“I am absolutely delighted and never thought it would be me. The awards were over zoom and so exciting. I salute all the other nominees. This year has been tough for everyone and I feel very humbled and happy.” SUSAN RUDDEN – Owner, Grassington House

Peter Quintana - Man of the Year 2020
Peter Quintana - Man of the Year 2020

“Very enjoyable evening and completely amazed to win Man of the Year! I also heard about some extraordinary businesswomen who have been raising their game to meet the challenges of this year. Truly inspirational. Congratulations to all finalists, runners up and winners.” – Peter Quintana

Find us at www.hgkc.co.uk or my personal LinkedIn

Karen Ramsay-Smith - Overcomer Award Winner 2020
Karen Ramsay-Smith - Overcomer Award Winner

“I am absolutely honoured and thrilled to receive this award, thank you Women’s Business Club UK this has absolutely made my year! The recognition goes to my partner who I lost to suicide last year and his legacy to create more self-love and self-worth in the world #loveYOUmore” – Karen Ramsay-Smith

Web | LinkedIn | Instagram

“Thank you for awarding me a runner up for overcomer the year. Well done to everyone who participated ✨🙌 it was such a great opportunity to participate 💕” – Naomi Brown

“I am absolutely honoured to be runner up in the Overcomer Award! The ceremony and networking events were fantastic, I really enjoyed the twist with the networking. I’ve connected with so many more like minded women and looking forward to what the future holds for us! Thank you so much Angela De Souza” – Jennifer Bòidheach, Saorsa Cosmetics & My VIP Card Glasgow Central

Fiona McKay - Speaker Of The Year
Fiona McKay - Speaker Of The Year

“I’m still buzzing and so proud to be your winner of Speaker Of The Year! I was just overwhelmed when the decision was announced. This award is incredibly special for me, especially to be acknowledged and recognised by a truly awesome group of women. And thank you to everyone who voted for me. I feel very honoured and will continue to use my voice to advance women.” – Fiona McKay

Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Website

Pae'j Melville

“Thank for organising a phenomenal event. I was extremely humbled to have been nominated for ‘Business mum of the Year’. I have been able to make connections with those ladies in my category ❤️ The nomination has certainly boosted my confidence. As a parent, we are often guilty for putting ourselves on the back burner. This was the sign I needed to keep striving. I will continue to build my empire and show my 2 daughters how mum does business. I will be the mum they need me to be and more. Striving for progression for not perfection. As a mum with a chronic illness, I will show my daughters how to turn pain into power. I am my own link. Thank you for this opportunity. Congratulations to all the finalists and winners. Good luck on your journey.” – Pae’j Melville.

2019 Feedback

“So pleased to see how the event has gone from strength to strength since we came last time in 2017. Keep going – people love it!” – Nikki Seville

Gemma Dobson Dragoness' Den Winner 2019
Read Gemma's Dragoness' Den experience
Click image for full article

“This year I attended the Women’s Business Club Conference for the first time and was very impressed by the day. Great speakers, including the inspirational Jo Fairley were excellent and offered much to their audiences. I made some great new contacts and it was lovely to meet up with Angela de Souza again, the motivational woman behind the event. Looking forward to next year already!” – Catherine McGuire