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Here are five top vision tips:

1. Computer use is not what our eyes are naturally designed for, so make it easier for them by giving your eyes regular breaks from focussing near to and look at something far away for a few seconds every few minutes. And because our blink rate goes right down when we’re concentrating on a screen, more so than with any other activity, our eyes can feel dry, so make a real effort to blink frequently, and drink plenty of water.

2. Have you had your children’s teeth checked by a dentist? Most parents are very conscientious about this once their children have enough teeth, and don’t wait for there to be a problem. But eyes are often neglected, and the child has to complain of not being able to see the board or of headaches before they are taken for an eye test. A youngster doesn’t need to be able to read to have their eyes examined, and all children should have a thorough check to rule out there being problems. Sometime during the year leading up to them starting school is a good time.

3. Never wear contact lenses swimming, unless they’re one day replacement ones which you take out and destroy straight afterwards. Even tap water, clean enough for most things, can contain Acanthoameba, which if left on the lens can seriously damage an eye, so keep water away from lenses completely.

4. Don’t smoke! Macular degeneration, which causes serious disturbance to the central vision we use when reading or looking at faces, is more common in people who smoke. And eat plenty of dark green vegetables to boost the lutein levels and help keep the maculae healthy.

5. Make sure you get your own eyes checked by an optometrist every two years, even if you don’t have any difficulties seeing. The eye examination is a good way of checking the health of the eyes, and of health in general because conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure may be picked up early.

Clare Holland

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