Recently I’ve read all sorts of articles about “the death of the press release” and hear people moaning that it’s impossible to get into the media without paying. You will be glad to hear that I don’t think this is true.

Here are my PR tips for people on zero budget.

  • Think carefully about who your customer is and what they watch or read.
  • Get familiar with these publications. Yes you might get an amazing magazine collection in the process (you should see my office!) but every publication is different and requires a different approach. Also read all the online publications or blogs you have listed really carefully. They all have different sections, formats and layouts.
  • If you are not confident at writing then use someone who is. This will cost so if you really have no budget then I totally understand why you will need to write your piece yourself. In the very least have a friend read what you have written to make sure it gets the message across.
  • Bear in mind that no publication will allow you to advertise – they need articles and news stories that are fun to read. Find an angle. New products are good and so are case studies. Put yourself in the place of the reader or listener and decide what you would like to know about.
  • Keep it short and simple. Don’t send too much to read and don’t put it in a PDF. Magazine staff need to be able to easily edit.
  • Send good quality high res images. In a separate file, not within the text. This saves the time for the publication. I use We Transfer for sending big files.
  • Think outside the box. Can you give away a product or get one reviewed or create a competition. Perhaps you can help out at an event in return for getting your product in front of people.
  • Use social media well and thoughtfully. All your promotional campaigns need to work well together whether social, digital or in traditional media such as magazines or radio.
  • Consider using a professional PR. It’s our job to have all the right contacts and to be able to create a strategy for your particular promotion. Sometimes success does depend on who you know, not what you know.

Remember that coverage is never guaranteed but if you consider the audience, are targeted in your approach to media, and think creatively you will be likely to succeed.

Good luck!

Andrea Sexton

By Women's Business Club

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