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One of our values at Women’s Business Club is Disruptive Generosity

We are committed to using our success and our resources to not only disrupt the industries we are in, but even more importantly the world around us. Successful women can tackle things like climate change, systemic racism, poverty, human trafficking and illiteracy. We believe in using generosity to empower the disempowered.

Women’s Business Club Philanthropy Policy

Women’s Business Club, acknowledges the significance of contributing to the broader community and is dedicated to making a positive impact through pro-bono services and charitable donations. This policy outlines our formal commitment to allocating a percentage of our time and profits towards supporting the wider community.

  1. Pro-Bono Services:
    1.1 Women’s Business Club commits to dedicating a minimum of 5% of its collective time to pro-bono services annually.
    1.2 Pro-bono services may include mentoring, workshops, educational initiatives, or any other services that contribute to the betterment of the community.
    1.3 Members of Women’s Business Club are encouraged to actively participate in pro-bono activities, leveraging their skills and expertise to benefit the community.
  2. Charitable Donations:
    2.1 The Women’s Business Club pledges to donate a minimum of 5% of its annual profits to registered charities and community initiatives.
    2.2 Charitable donations may be allocated to causes that align with the Women’s Business Club values, such as education, healthcare, social welfare, or environmental sustainability.
    2.3 The club will regularly review and select charitable organisations that demonstrate transparency, accountability, and effectiveness in their operations.
  3. Reporting and Accountability:
    3.1 Women’s Business Club will maintain accurate records of pro-bono hours contributed by its members and the corresponding monetary value.
    3.2 Financial reports will clearly document the percentage of profits allocated to charitable donations and the recipients of these funds.
    3.3 An annual report summarising the club’s community contributions will be made accessible to members and the wider community.
  4. Member Engagement:
    4.1 The Women’s Business Club will actively promote and encourage member involvement in community service initiatives.
    4.2 Members are invited to propose pro-bono projects and nominate charitable organisations for consideration.
    4.3 Recognition and acknowledgment of members’ contributions to community service will be integrated into club communications and events.
  5. Review and Amendments:
    5.1 This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure its effectiveness and relevance.
    5.2 Any amendments to this policy require approval from the Women’s Business Club leadership team.

By adopting this Community Commitment Policy, the Women’s Business Club reaffirms its dedication to social responsibility and making a meaningful impact on the wider community.