Top Reasons to Exhibit for Business Growth

BySarah Eddie

Nov 17, 2021 #Denver, #Glasgow

A brilliant way to show off your business, grow and reach new potential clients or customers is through exhibiting. You may think that exhibiting is not for you but I beg to differ. Your business is like a non-physical child that you constantly nurture with love and attention. Exhibiting is your proud moment to show off your hard work to the world.

Still not convinced? Here are my ten reasons why you should exhibit your business. 

Attending an exhibition allows you to expand your customer base.

People in attendance will be potential clients interested in your industry and the products or services you have on offer. From this arises the chance to close deals with people in buying mode and potentially capture new leads. This all helps expand your client base and secure sales. 


Show potential customers you are human.

In our internet age, we have access to endless information and can communicate with anyone in the world. But exhibitions are thriving. Why? Two words: human interaction. 

Face-to-face communication is irreplaceable. The unique ability to meet people and connect with your target audience in a relaxed atmosphere is second to none. An exhibition provides you with an experience that far surpasses any social media or other online communication. 


Benefit from Cost-Effective Marketing

Yes, having a big budget to spend on advertising your services and products is excellent, but it isn’t always possible. Exhibitions can be an inexpensive way to promote your business. By exhibiting, you are showcasing your business to delegates that are in attendance by choice. It’s unnecessary to spend a considerable amount finding potential customers or clients via ads or other marketing means. 


Get Direct Feedback from Your Target Audience

Exhibitions offer an unmissable opportunity to find out first-hand what your consumers want and don’t want. Unlike other methods of collating customer feedback, you can receive real-time feedback on your products or services. Face-to-face feedback is immediate, and it is a genuine and honest review from the audience you are targeting. 


Gain More Knowledge of Your Industry

Exhibitions are great to connect with others in your industry and stay updated on the latest industry trends. 

Because relevant people and businesses in your field attend, you can see what changes, trends, and interests are currently in your industry.  


Strengthen (or establish) your brand

Exhibiting opportunities are one of the few occasions where you could have the same amount of access to potential clients as your larger competitors do. Exhibits are a valuable opportunity, not just for direct sales and marketing, but for strengthening your brand’s reputation and positioning your business as a potential leader in its industry. 



Meeting and connecting with like-minded business owners also exhibiting can be an underrated advantage or attending an exhibit. Your network is so important, and you should take every opportunity to build it. 

You never know when someone will prove a valuable contact. Especially for smaller businesses, if you don’t have a huge advertising budget, networking events at exhibitions present invaluable ways to generate new business, form partnerships, and give or receive referrals. 

See my earlier post on the importance of Networking. 

 Optimise your sales and lead capture opportunities 

Exhibiting is an excellent opportunity to expose your sales team (or yourself) to hundreds of different prospects in a short time frame. A quick experience that allows you to rapidly test any new sales strategies and marketing ideas in a very responsive environment. You are getting instant feedback from your target audience.


 A chance to see what competitors are doing well

It is essential to know what your competitors are doing and mainly what are they doing well? What are they doing to grow? You may want to apply similar tactics in your own business or compare this to what you are potentially doing better. There is always room for improvement.

There will be competitors at exhibitions, so it is a great way to observe their tactics, whether in sales, marketing, or product tactics. To make sure you are keeping up with the competition and ahead on trends. 

The opportunities within exhibiting are indisputable. Any business can gain something from an exhibiting experience. So take some time to show off your business, take in the market and grow your network by exhibiting at our Glasgow Women’s Business Club Annual Conference.  

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By Sarah Eddie

Sarah is the director of Scotland Women's Business Club and host of the Fearless Female Voices podcast. Find out more about how you can get featured right here on this site at

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