Harness the power of micro-interactions to transform your leadership

Effective leadership has many facets. Whilst task-based elements are necessary to meeting organisational goals, this is far from the entire picture. It is actually the relationships and the day-to-day interactions leaders have with their people that are the lynchpin for driving individual and team performance. In fact, without awareness of these daily micro-interactions, leaders will struggle to secure the trust and buy-in for the task-based elements and large-scale strategic changes. In her new book Do Sweat The Small Stuff, executive coach Sarah Langslow illuminates the often unrecognised power of micro-interactions to supercharge leadership effectiveness and people development.

Both challenging and empowering, Do Sweat The Small Stuff is a practical handbook expertly showing readers how their words and behaviours impact others and guiding them in thinking through which of those to adapt and change. Firstly, Langslow highlights why micro-interactions matter and the importance of human-centred leadership. In part two, she outlines how a leader’s habits, behaviours, words and listening skills shape how they interact with their team and the culture they create. Finally, Langslow shows readers how they can become the leader they intend, relearn important skills, and reshape their micro-interactions. Perhaps most importantly, seamlessly weaved throughout the book are a wide array of reflection, speaking and written exercises to encourage active reading and lasting behavioural change.

For Langslow, leadership isn’t the sole domain of the C-Suite and the most senior executives. We all lead, even if we don’t realise it, and through what we say, how we say it, and what we listen to, or prioritise, we affect others, whether this is intentional or not. Micro-interactions are never neutral. This is why it is essential that everyone across the organisation is aware and owns this impact. Ultimately, when the sole focus is on deadlines and to-do lists, teams quickly become disengaged, with low morale and productivity. But by being people-first with active listening, positive role modelling, and open discussions, we can make every interaction count.

Do Sweat The Small Stuff is packed with essential knowledge and tools, however Langslow reminds readers it is not a quick fix. Personal growth requires long-term commitment and readers are encouraged to embrace the power of reflection, learning, practice, being open to making mistakes, and hearing feedback. This may be initially uncomfortable, but taking lessons from what works and what doesn’t, as well as what people respond well to and what they resist, is fundamental to reshaping the impact of micro-interactions.

Do Sweat The Small Stuff is a much-needed rallying cry to shift how we lead and create cultures that inspire and engage people. When a leader’s people are their job, micro-interactions are the fundamental building blocks to establishing effective relationships that encourage people to be their best. It is only when these micro-interactions are intentional and are aligned with the kind of leader we want to be that we can make a profound difference.

Do Sweat The Small Stuff by Sarah Langslow is available on Amazon and all good bookshops from 9th July.
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About the author

Sarah Langslow is an executive coach, leadership development specialist and writer on what it takes to lead powerfully and with humanity. She integrates leadership lessons from a sporting career as a rower, including competing twice in the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race, a 15-year corporate career across management consulting and finance, and experience as an entrepreneur with her own coaching and leadership development business.

With more than two decades of hands-on experience building leadership skills and behaviours, and over 3,000 hours coaching experience, she is a sought-after coach and trusted adviser for senior leaders. Sarah has an MA and an MBA from the University of Cambridge and is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach. 

About the book

Launch date: 9th July
ISBN: 978-1788604864
Price: £16.99


I’m a sucker for books like this! Packed full of practical examples, in Do Sweat the Small Stuff Sarah Langslow has done the hard work of breaking down how to translate our good intentions into the words we actually say to make those intentions real and tangible.
David Marquet, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Turn the Ship Around and Leadership is Language


Do Sweat the Small Stuff is a great active read (keep a pen handy)! The book offers a valuable lens through which to observe your own leadership, and a practical set of exercises and suggestions to intentionally develop your influence and effectiveness as a leader by focussing on the acute impact of your so-called micro-interactions.”
David Singleton, CTO of Stripe

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