How Do You Make Your Retail Shop Stand Out From The Crowd?

ByWomen's Business Club

Jan 12, 2021

There’s no getting away from the fact that much of the UK enjoys buying the things they want and need through e-commerce websites. Online ordering is big business in today’s digital world, as it offers consumers convenience and quick price comparisons.

However, that doesn’t mean retail is dead. Far from it, in fact! Consumers will still buy the things they need from local retail shops, especially when they need items urgently and those items are in stock in a local shop.

You’re likely reading this because you have a retail shop and don’t want your business to fail because it’s not a ‘virtual’ one. With that in mind, how can you make your retail shop stand out from the crowd in your local High Street? Here are a few strategies you can try:

Make your shop visible from afar

Some of your new customers have probably never heard of your shop before and perhaps only came across it while walking close to it. One of the first things you should do is think of ways to make your retail shop visible to potential customers from afar.

How can you do that? You could start by having some large aluminium composite panel signs made up. A big, eye-catching sign will easily catch the attention of shoppers from a distance.

Having the right lighting on those signs will also help, especially when it gets dark outdoors but you’re still open for business. You could even think ‘out of the box’ and have a floating advert perched from your roof, such as a large helium balloon with your branding on it!

Lure in online consumers

Many people go online because they believe they get better value for money shopping on the Internet. You need to consider ways to lure in those online consumers and have them spend their money with you in-store.

Some tactics you could try include:

  • Offering an online price-match guarantee;
  • Adding value to each purchase, such as free extended warranties or free installations.

When it comes to creating a successful online store, simply creating a website will not cut it. To get customers visiting your eCommerce store and convert into returning customers, there are a few techniques that you can use. Through the use of search engine optimisation and Pay Per Click, you can not just get your products discovered within the search results, but also placed in front of the most relevant audience. PPC is recommended for those wanting quick conversions and with the help of Google Shopping management agencies, they can advise the best strategy for your company and which products your customers are actively searching for.

Create a loyalty card scheme

People love getting stuff for free, and one way to make that happen is by offering your customers loyalty cards. Most people understand how loyalty card schemes work, and it’s an age-old trick to get people coming back to your shop and spending money with you.

Your loyalty cards can offer a free product or service after spending a certain amount, or even a significant discount off their next bill. Restaurants, takeaway shops, clothing boutiques and coffee shops are good candidates for loyalty card schemes.

Offer a click-and-collect service

Finally, you’ll undoubtedly have an online presence and sell your products online. Sometimes, consumers may wish to order online and collect their orders from a retail shop for convenience reasons.

If you offer your online customers a free click-and-collect service, you can use their visit as an opportunity to upsell products to them. For example, you could ask if they need any accessories to go with their purchases.



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