How Female Entrepreneurs Can Address Cyber Security Issues 

Female entrepreneurs are concerned with the need to make the internet safer for them to conduct their businesses online. Cyber security issues have delayed many women from progressing to e-commerce to sell their products and services. Women in general want to keep their online engagements private and without fear of being spied on or harassed.  On the other hand, men and women who have made use of websites and social media to promote their businesses have found that it increased their profits. Here we outline the concerns that female entrepreneurs have and propose a solution for their lack of confidence in cyber security.


Technophobia is a term used to indicate a fear of using modern technology because e-security is deemed to be inadequate. It is often applied to businesswomen rather than to businessmen.

The three key concerns these women have are protection, transaction privacy, and security when operating online. Despite many sites that provide information on how to transact safely, technophobia continues to spark anxiety and dread. 

Female entrepreneurs need to be able to trust the security of making or receiving electronic payments if they are to start participating on an equal footing with male entrepreneurs. 

Cyber Security Issues Faced By Female Entrepreneurs

Trojans embed themselves on systems, looking for the chance to steal money directly from banks.

A botnet called Koobface is one example of social networking worms that compromise security and copy themselves from one platform to another, expanding their reach to promote services that pay them and to send spam. 

Phishing relies on a spam email that uses a seemingly genuine pretext to get users to provide confidential information such as credit card and bank account numbers. 

Data leaks occur when sensitive information belonging to a company is published on the web so that anyone can access it. 

Advanced persistent threats (APTs) consist of intelligence gathering about a person in an important position, such as a CEO of a company, or someone with a high income. This may be a prelude to downloading trojans or bots and accessing confidential files. APTs use the social media accounts of their targets as yet another source of information. Geographical locations can be given out, placing victims at risk of ordinary (non-digital) robberies.

Hire An IT Support Company 

An IT London company is the ideal solution for women who are afraid of cyber security issues undermining their business. These firms commit to protecting your IT domain end-to-end. For example, Totality Services is an IT company in London that provides IT support London and the UK. It is one of the most highly rated IT support service companies in London with custom services provided to clients. 

When you get an expert to analyse your business IT risks and provide an all-around solution, you can be assured that privacy and confidentiality are at their peak. These firms know how to cover you from any dangers that being online could expose you to.

If female entrepreneurs are to succeed in business, they need to overcome their fears so that they can take advantage of the digital tools their competitors are using. 

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