How To Help Your Employees While They Work From Home

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Nov 19, 2020

As someone who manages their own business, or aspires to one day, you will know that this year has been very challenging for companies. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many countries into lockdowns; the economic ramifications of the virus have also been tremendous. For businesses, cost-cutting has been the aim of the game; this has included small businesses being forced to lay off workers, and change their settings to make them covid-proof. 

If you are returning to the office at this time, find your way back to the old normal with leased lines for your business, dedicated speeds greater than 10 Gbps. This will help your workers get back on track with a dedicated line which increases productivity and reminds everyone why being in the office is a great thing after time away! If, however, your employees are still working remotely, this might be taking a toll on their health, wellbeing and productivity levels. 

In this blog you will find advice on guiding your employees while they work from home. Let’s get to it!

1. Offer mental health support

Mental health has been negatively affected by COVID-19, because increased isolation has made many people pine for social interaction, causing them to feel down. Mental health issues are private, and most employees don’t air their problems in a professional environment; this means that as a boss, you might not know if someone who works for you is struggling. Make sure to offer online therapy as part of your employees’ health package in order to support them in whatever they need in these challenging times. 

2. Keep your communications consistent

One challenge many workers face while working from home is the feeling of being unable to effectively communicate with you, the boss, or the rest of their team. To feel included and supported, as well as to be able to efficiently complete their work, employees should be given the option to consistently communicate with their colleagues. This could be implemented with regular video chat check-ins, regular emails or drop-in sessions where employees could ask any questions they might have while working alone.

3. Have an easy-to-use central hub

Cloud computing has never been more crucial than now. Cloud computing allows all files, instructions and discussions to be stored in one central online server that is accessible to all employees, no matter their location. A central hub boosts connectivity and productivity, leaving little room for error or confusion from workers who are completing their difficult jobs by themselves at home. 

When searching for a cloud computing provider, it is best to measure your budget against your needs, and come up with a happy medium between the two. Always go with a reputable provider of cloud computing systems to ensure watertight cybersecurity, technical support and user-friendly layouts. 

All in all, helping your employees while they work from home is all about streamlining your communications, making people’s work as accessible, approachable and simple as possible. After all, working from home might be something which benefits your business for the better!



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