How To Increase The Performance Of Your Human Resources Team

ByWomen's Business Club

Mar 14, 2022

HR departments are one of the most important parts of any business, and the tasks they tackle are innumerable. Finding ways in which you can improve the performance and quality of your own human resources team is going to be wholly beneficial to you as a business owner, as they’ll be able to better serve to improve the work-life of your entire team. They will be able to handle many different jobs in both the hiring process and the general day-to-day operations of your company. Here are our best tips for increasing the performance of your HR department. 

Hire For New HR Roles
As with any department, especially if you intend to expand your business, hiring new members for your HR team is essential for increasing performance. You’ll need to have a strong focus on hiring the right people, however, as merely hiring more to fill roles quickly could be disastrous for your entire team. 

Spend time choosing the right people for the job and ensure that they are personable and confident when it comes to helping others, even if they’ll be taking on a more administrative role than a face-to-face HR employee. Confrontational or unapproachable members of your HR team could repel members of your team. Diversity is another top consideration when recruiting, especially for HR, as having a diverse team from different walks of life will help to increase your HR team’s overall understanding of issues surrounding race, gender, and sexual identity.

Implement Improved Systems
As you grow your entire company, many internal tasks may grow, meaning that an increased amount of time must be spent tackling these jobs. One of the main things that can become a problem is admin work, and this can become incredibly time-consuming. Find ways to automate and simplify these processes to allow your team to work on more important, less menial tasks instead. 

For example, digitalising your HR could benefit you greatly. Advanced UK HR software like Factorial allows HR departments to gather all their tasks into one unified platform. This will enable your company to manage all essential aspects of your team from one space. Amongst others, this includes employee time management, applicant tracking, onboarding of new staff, conducting performance reviews, managing documents, payroll, and advanced reporting, which can help you make data-supported business decisions for your company.

Include HR In Your Business Plan
As this is a very important aspect of your business, you’ll want to consider including human resources in your business plan strongly. For example, suppose you’re looking at expanding your company. In that case, a recruiter position should be considered for your HR department, as these specialists will be better suited to finding you the right candidates for other positions. 

You’ll also want to make sure you identify potential morale issues that could occur during expansion, especially if you consider changes in roles, salaries, and methods of work. Once you’ve identified these problems, you should have remedies in place to prevent these issues from snowballing.

Encourage Openness In Your Team
A human resources team cannot do their job properly if nobody in your company considers bringing their problems. One of the main functions of your HR department is to rectify problems that your employees are having, whether it’s with their workload or even things like bullying and discrimination within the workplace.

Create a positive workplace culture of openness and a focus on mental wellbeing. This may help to encourage your team to be upfront about their problems and ultimately allows your HR department to provide a better-quality environment for your team.

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