Invest in a Sustainable Future with SmartPurse

ByWomen's Business Club

Jun 10, 2021

Did you know sustainable investing has a more positive impact on the planet than going vegan for life? Crazy right!


Learn to grow your money & save the planet for only £49. ✨


SmartPurse’s on-demand course, full of practical advice is a step-by-step guide to investing your money sustainably. Delivered by financial & sustainability experts Jessica Robinson & Olga Miler over 4 on-demand video sessions, worth £800.

You’ll need:
at least £5 to start investing with.
A quiet place to learn in comfort.
A pen and paper if you prefer making physical notes.
A positive attitude.
You do not need prior investing knowledge, though a basic understanding of your money is beneficial.

The whole course is 3 hours long, split into 4 easy-to-digest chunks, so you can sit and cover the whole topic at once or learn at your pace. You’ll always have access so you can go back to this course & freshen up as much as you need.
For every course participant, we donate a year’s Money School access to 10 women who have suffered from financial abuse. It’s a win-win-win situation, grow your money, save the planet & help those who need it!

About SmartPurse & Founders:

SmartPurse was formed in 2018 by Jude Kelly OBE & Olga Miler.

Jude is one of the UK’s leading cultural practitioners. Voted the most powerful woman in the Arts, founder of the WOW – Women of the World Festivals, which is now in over 20 countries across 5 continents. Olga is an award-winning innovation architect and marketing executive. Having worked for UBS, PwC, Nestle, and more. She spent 15 with UBS & developing their award-winning programme for women.

Jude & Olga formed a strong & fast bond over the gender inequality in finance & financial education for women. After talking to thousands of women, they learned that there is no safe and welcoming space for women to discuss the money questions impacting their lives and to get practical help. With a team of global thought leaders specialising in gender equality and finance, Jude & Olga set out to revolutionise the way women discuss and plan their money. The result is SmartPurse, a money learning & coaching toolbox, inspiring women to get a grip on their money.

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