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WIN THIS! Midi Sakura in Black Leather

Priorities your essentials! Minimal, organised and convertible. The Midi Sakura’s classic style makes it the perfect ‘grab and go’ pouch for lighter adventures.

The Midi Sakura features a three pocket design like the smaller version, with a main expandable zipped pouch, and magnetic closure pockets on both the front and back.


Jennifers’ handbags have quickly gained a high profile! They have won both best work-bag category and Instyle magazine reader’s choice category at the Independent Handbag Designers Awards in New York.

Jennifer’s best quality though is her passion for her customers, which stands out in the industry.  She genuinely cares deeply about their hopes, dreams and aspirations. Jennifer includes her followers in her design process asking them to contribute inspiration, ideas, and names for her collections, resulting in every piece being a wonderful collaboration.

Previously credited with establishing the cult accessory label ‘Head Full of Feathers’, Jennifer studied 3D design at university in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and handbag design at the London College of Fashion.

As a designer, entrepreneur and ardent pursuer of dreams, Jennifer is proud to support the empowerment of women worldwide.

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