Keeping Up Appearances As An Online Business (5 Steps To Success)

ByWomen's Business Club

Feb 16, 2021

Whether your brand has a strong online presence or has made the transition as a result of the pandemic, the battle for customers is fiercer than ever. While there are many contributing factors to consider, creating a great first impression should be at the top of your agenda. After all, failure to do this will end any hope of gaining a sale before the client relationship has had a chance to blossom.

An evolution will be required to meet the changing demands of the modern landscape. Here’s how to get it right in five simple steps.


#1. Change Your Website Look

The business website will be the heartbeat of your online strategy. Even if you do not facilitate sales directly through it, your site is the shop window. A new frontend design should be supported by a better backend. Why is Jamstack better? It combines multiple mechanisms to put you in full control of the look and function. By standing out from the crowd with a fast-responding and beautiful site, you have a far better shot at retaining a user’s attention. In turn, you can capture their details and put them on the conversion path. 


#2. Get Outside Support

Social media will naturally play a huge role in reaching new audiences. However, the reality of the situation is that most consumers will take your ads and content with a pinch of salt. As such, you may find that working with reputable influencers can make a world of difference. If they share a similar target market to yours, there is a very strong chance that their recommendation of your brand will pay dividends. This can be supported further by getting reviews from previous customers. It will remove many of the fears that they may hold.


#3. Adapt Your SEO

Search engine traffic remains the most common source of new leads. When a consumer finds your company in this manner, it’s because they are actively searching for products like yours. However, the way in which people use search engines has changed. Does your website boast voice search SEO? If not, you are missing out on a growing audience who use their voice-activated devices for navigation. Conversely, when you get it right, it will target both mobile and desktop searches. Support it with a strong GMB listing for top results.


#4. Manage Your Products

While all of the marketing steps made can influence a user’s impression, they count for little if the products aren’t equally attractive Therefore, you must focus heavily on making products more appealing. Good photography and improved content strategies can deliver results. For example, explainer videos get consumers thinking about the product. More often than not, it will make them want to complete a purchase. When you combine this with timed promos to embrace the Fear Of Missing Out tactic, success is assured.


#5. Be Accessible

Finally, you need to think about what clients want. Aside from great products, they need to know that your company is equipped to satisfy their requirements. All contact details should be clearly displayed. Likewise, you may want to use VoIP, virtual receptionists, or chatbots. A fair returns policy and clear details on repayment plans can work wonders. Consumers are always looking for reasons to avoid completing a purchase. If they have doubts about the quality of the service provided, this could cost you dearly. Show them they are valued.


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