Member Interview: Jen Hall

ByWomen's Business Club

Oct 23, 2017

Jen Hall is a Transformational Business Clarity Coach for online entrepreneurs who want to make EPIC IMPACT, PLAY BIG & earn the amazing income that comes with owning your greatness!

She helps you feel ‘on fire’ and in pure alignment with your purpose & up-level in confidence to become the high-profile Leader in your field. She is on a fierce mission to remove the wall between you & the wildly successful because she believes we ALL have the ability to reach those heights! 

Jen Hall has been featured on Thrive Global & YFS, and won Speaker of the Year 2016 and Nominated again for 2017!

How long have you been a member of the Women’s Business Club and why did you join?

I’ve been a member for about three and half years! I joined the Women’s Business Club because I wanted to take my business more seriously and start making a real success, and boy have I done just that! Since starting at the Women’s Business Club I have completely changed direction and am now on my way to earning my first 6 figure year as a Global Transformational Business Clarity Coach!

How does your local club help you as well as your business as well as your connection to the national network?

The club has provided me with essential guidance and support through some very rocky periods both in business and in my personal life! It has enabled me to step up to become the business woman I am today!

What have you gained thus far from the Women’s Business Club and what do you still hope to achieve?

I love being a part of the Women’s Business Club, it brings me great strength and a contact to the ‘real business world’ which can sometimes get lost online! I love being able to contribute greatly to the women across all the whole network and I’m looking forward to Maximise and potentially winning Speaker of the Year second year running!

What would you say to others who are considering joining the Women’s Business Club but are not sure what to expect?

This is unlike the usual whirlwind networking event. Women’s Business Club is in a class all of its own! With women who are here to do serious business, make lasting advocates and build a strong network over a relaxed lunch, this doesn’t get any more welcoming! You’ll be part of something much bigger and you’ll learn… my goodness you’ll learn!

Jen Hall

By Women's Business Club

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