Multifaceted Marketing: Why a Trade Show Needs to be Part of Your Approach

ByWomen's Business Club

Dec 7, 2018


When it comes to marketing and promoting your business, a multifaceted approach is best. And one element that’s worth adding to your marketing strategy is trade shows. These give you the opportunity to talk to potential customers or clients face to face, show your products or services in person, and hopefully secure lots of new deals. Here are a few things to bear in mind so that you’re getting the very best from the event.


Make your stall interesting

There are a lot of booths at a business expo, these events can bring together hundreds or even thousands of businesses. For this reason, those attending won’t have time to see all of them. Instead, they will make choices on the way things look initially, so you’ll want something bold and interesting to draw them in. Lights, banners and signs are all eye catching, these flag ideas could also work well. The last thing you want is to blend into the background, as you’ll spend the day watching people walk by without showing interest. Don’t go with dull presentations, make it exciting and interactive. It could be anything from a game to a magic trick that you have somehow linked to your business. You could run competitions, host a giveaway or do something else that’s going to grab people’s attention. The location of your stall at the event is essential too, book your stall early to secure a spot with excellent foot traffic. If you can get a location that’s close to where food is being sold then take it, the ends of aisles are also good as they’re hotspots for people walking past.


Schedule appointments, but leave some time free

Companies attend expos to bring in new customers. However, it’s no bad thing to let your previous customers and clients know you will be visiting too. They might spread the message to their own contacts which could mean more interest for you. If you have clients that you’re not yet working with but have shown interest, again you could invite them down. You can show off your business in the best way and hopefully secure a deal. Foot traffic is vital at expo events, but you don’t necessarily want to leave it solely up to chance. If you have companies or clients in your contacts list that you want to work with, how about booking in some appointments. You could then leave the rest of the time free for those walking past, but know that you have at least a few meetings scheduled to talk about your business. That way you know you’re making the best of your time.


Follow up on leads and interest

When the event is finished and you have your list of leads and interested parties, make sure that you follow up on them. Do the necessary chasing up, and arrange any follow up meetings that need to be booked in. You will have been handing out business cards and leaflets with your information on for people to get in contact, but take down email addresses and contact information too. That way you can send polite follow-up information if needed.

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