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Practical business tools and events tailored to female entrepreneurs

Virtual Business Networking
A virtual networking experience, connecting you with like-minded business women and top quality speakers.

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Coffee & Coworking
Supportive coworking spaces for businesswomen so no woman has to build a business alone.

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Women's Business Conference
An opportunity for all women in business, to connect and be empowered from an all-female lineup of experts.

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Women's Business Awards
The Women's Business Awards acknowledges and celebrates women's professional achievements. Secure an elevated status in the business community, gain PR exposure for your brand and enjoy the acknowledgement and celebration of a job well done!


My Success Story Membership
My Success Story offers practical business tools and events tailored to female entrepreneurs. Learn how to start, grow and scale a successful business whilst building a strategic and supportive community of business women around you.

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From startups to SME and beyond, we are championing your success through tailor-made events, products and services to meet you where you are at in your business journey. Find out more about how we empower women to succeed in business!

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