New bedding brand ready to shake up a tired industry.

ByWomen's Business Club

May 15, 2018

On May 18th Bedfolk launch their collection of super-comfortable “no bullsheet bedding” for the conscious consumer who wants high quality sheets that don’t break the bank.

Bedfolk was inspired when a young London couple were out shopping for their first flat together. Browsing the bedding aisles of various department stores, they couldn’t believe how confusing, uninspiring and expensive it all was. No one could tell them the difference between the stacks and stacks of generic, plastic wrapped products on offer, and they left empty handed and frustrated.

Founders Jo and Nick James spent the next 12 months learning everything there is to know about bedding, travelling Europe to source the finest cotton, develop the perfect weaves, and find the most skilled of craftsmen to partner with. They even spent their honeymoon in Portugal, touring the mill they now partner with (third generation family-run,  on a World Heritage Site).

On their journey they learnt that thread count is largely a marketing gimmick (it is the quality, not the quantity of threads that matters), that the manufacturing and retailing process in the bedding industry is hugely bloated (meaning inflated prices), and that lots of bedding is treated with nasty chemicals to make it feel softer.

Bedfolk have counteracted these things to ‘wake up’ an outdated category. They’ve stripped everything back to concentrate only on the things that directly affect quality (the calibre of the thread, the quality of weaving and finishing, and the eco-standards). By doing this, selling only online, and sending their bedding direct to customers, they can sell luxury bedding at a fair price.

Says founder Jo; “We’ve simplified things, meaning you get a lot more for a lot less”.

The Bedding | Launching 18th May at

Bedfolk make bedding that is beautifully designed, honestly made and fairly priced. From thread to bed, they care about every step, using only the finest materials and working directly with the best makers.

Their bedding is made with 100% long staple cotton (that’s the type that gets softer with every wash) in a family-owned mill in Portugal (by  people who really know what they are doing). They are committed to using no synthetics, or harmful bleaches / dyes, so everything they make meets the strictest of eco-standards; Oeko-Tex Certification (a higher standard than ‘organic’).  Their commitment to caring for both their customers and the environment extends to their packaging; they use recycled materials and their bedding arrives in beautiful quality cotton storage bags, as opposed to plastic.

Bedfolk are also determined to take the confusion out of shopping for bedding, so their customers can spend less time wondering what they need and more time sleeping. Bypassing ‘marketing speak’ and talking instead about what really matters; how the bedding looks and feels. They are launching with 3 styles of bedding – Relaxed, Classic and Luxe – each with a distinct aesthetic and hand- feel. All made from the same high quality cotton, in the same easy-living colour palette (Snow – a soft white, Rose – palest pink,  & Mist – a gentle grey), at the same price.


Deliciously soft and crumpled, for a relaxed and lived-in look. For fans of the understated, Relaxed bedding has been stonewashed to make it ultra-comfortable. This bedding is soft, light and breathable.


Exquisitely crisp and cool, with a smooth matte finish, Classic is the bedding found in boutique hotels. It is crisp, cool and sophisticated, with a breathable weave (making it perfect for hot sleepers).


Buttery soft, Luxe has a similar hand feel to silk. It’s super smooth with a subtle sheen that mellow over time. Luxe has a slightly heavier drape than Classic or Relaxed (making it warmer).



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