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Apr 24, 2018

Do only certain people have Mental Health concerns?

What is Mental Health? Is it important?  Do we all have it? How good is yours? How is your work affecting the mental health of your family? 

So many questions, yet all need to be considered.

We ALL have a state of ‘mental health’ whether that be good or bad or anything in between.  Without a doubt our own mental health, in all its fullness, is something that we need to embrace, appreciate and fully understand!

There is a great misconception in society that only certain people have mental health issues.  A misconception that is totally and sadly wrong.

Even in the dictionary it’s basis is negative and yet it is an immense part of what makes us who we are and it’s called WELLBEING. Sadly and generally though, it’s only talked about in the negative, when we’re not in a good, healthy and thriving place.

Mental health ‘men·tal health


noun: mental health

  1. a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being
  2. “all this pressure seems to be affecting his mental health” “mental health issues”.

The continued negativity turns something that we all share into a taboo subject which in turn feeds the state of misconception.

Can you imagine for one moment if we took on board a new and positive view of what mental health is really about,  how that would change, not only the conversation but how indeed it’s talked about?

I often wonder why it is that news broadcasters insist on telling us all the doom and gloom, like we don’t already know, rather than totally filling broadcasts with all the amazing, encouraging, mind-blowing creativity that actually is taking place in this beautiful world of ours.  We seem to live in a world where negativity is the norm and yet that negativity is making us so unwell, in more ways than one.

If, we as women, not only in business, personally and within family could gain fresh insight and understanding of what Mental Health really means and how to embrace it, the results, I believe would be far-reaching and a positive ripple effect to those around us. Something that would be worth its weight in gold!

Mental Health, both in the negative and the positive, affects us all and we need to learn how to recognise, nurture and cherish it.

So, when should we start being aware of our mental health, is it when we are in the depths of depression or wanting to die, or should we recognise that it actually starts before we are even born.  

Our mental health is not a state of happiness or lack thereof but a place of wellbeing. Having peace in our soul,  regardless of our circumstances, knowing the truth that says we are worth the care we need, knowing we are thriving in this beautiful but crazy world.

How much attention, time and importance do you put on your physical health.  You have a headache, you’ve got a lump in your breast, you have a fall and a bone is broken,  your child is fitting with a ridiculously high temperature… What do you do??

In the majority of these cases our response is instant, followed by a trip the doctor!

However, take a moment now to think about those times when you’ve felt weepy and overwhelmed or when you’ve become angry with yourself or those around you,  when you want to give up and you feel the pressure is too great. What do you do?

Do you cry a little more, hide it from your loved ones, take an extra glass of wine or maybe even two, tell people you’re just tired but ignore the truth.  Or, do you actually find time to talk to loved ones, make that appointment with your gp and take some time out for yourself.

Be honest with yourself. How often do you make time for yourself and others, create healthy breaks within your day, set boundaries on your work time and stick to it, go for those coffee dates ( wine permitted ?), plan family and date nights or find an activity outside of your business that you love to do. When was the last time you had a good old belly laugh and laughed till you cried, or sat peacefully in an open space breathing in your surroundings, or got on the floor and played with the kids…? The list is endless but it all goes towards positive mental health.

My best tip and most importantly of all is to talk laugh and to cry! >> click here << for a little something to send you on your way!!

Always here if you want to talk.
Lynda ?

Raindancers Child and Family Mentoring can journey with you and or your children if you find yourself in the place of negative mental health.

Come and find me at or  or give me a call on 07539259919


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