It’s coming up to the end of the year, what better time is there to get yourself organised ready for the new year ahead! For some people (even creatives!) organisation is something that comes naturally. But unfortunately, we are not usually seen as being particularly organised! In my own opinion, organisation can look different from person to person. My office, for example baffles my neat, tidy and symmetrical husband! I have never been symmetrical – and I never will be! I like things to look like they’ve just been dropped there – I love texture, freedom and interesting shapes! So why not drop a pile of books on the floor and see how they land? That is now their place in my office, looking beautiful and dare I say – organised!   I’m not saying everything in my office is organised, I am also just plain messy most of the time! But very often I see the need to find some kind of organisation in order for me to be more productive. And perhaps you need to do that too!

The 52 Week Creative Business Challenge Challenge #2 Get Yourself Organised!

Don’t run from tests and hardships. As difficult as they are, you will ultimately find joy in them – if you embrace them

Our challenge this month is not only to get ourselves organised – but to find joy in it! Find a way to organise your business in a way that brings you joy! By all means, drop that pile of books in the corner of your office – see how they land!

In my case, I have been organising my week plan. This is something I have always struggled with because the neat ‘9am-10am’ boxes restricted me. I needed a little more freedom and to allow for changes each week, day or even hour! So I completely changed the rules for a ‘week plan’ to make it work for me – Here it is!


How this has helped me: – Using pictures has allowed me to identify with the tasks in a more positive way. – Rather than a strict time schedule, I am able to pick and choose from the different tasks for each day in order of priority, relevance and inspiration! – Having no ‘boxes’ means I can overlap tasks that could be done in more than one specific day. E.g. Mondays and Tuesdays can be pretty flexible whereas Thursdays stay the same each week.


So, let’s get organised! I look forward to seeing how you do it 😉
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