Posting Video Marketing Content On Your Website: Everything You Need To Know

ByWomen's Business Club

Feb 21, 2023

The use of videos on websites – particularly homepages – has become an increasingly popular marketing tool over the last few years, and for good reason. The creation of high-quality video content has allowed brands of all shapes and sizes to boost their customer engagement, enhance their brand storytelling, improve conversion rates, and lengthen the dwell time on their websites

If you are keen to hop on this highly effective bandwagon and begin posting video content on your own company website, here is some helpful advice for creating a show-stopping video marketing strategy. 

Recommended Content For Your Site’s Webpages

While video marketing has many tangible benefits, it’s a little more complex than simply shooting a short welcome video, posting it on your homepage, and hoping for the best. Video content needs to be informative and engaging in order to make an impact. It also needs to be relevant to the webpage that you are posting it on. 

For instance, on your homepage it’s a good idea to have what is known as an ‘explainer’ video, which offers a pithy and attention-grabbing introduction to your brand and its unique offerings. This helps consumers gain a deeper understanding of what you specialise in, which will hopefully encourage them to explore your website further. 

On your product or service pages, on the other hand, you might want to consider having some tutorial or demo videos. These will explain what your products or services can do and how they will benefit your customers. They can also answer some of your most common FAQs, and include technical information on how to use them, and what they cost. 

Finally, on your company’s ‘About’ page, you should focus on creating a video that accurately captures your brand’s unique values and culture, to help you create an authentic connection with viewers. 

Professional Content Production For Maximum Impact

In order to create the best impression with your video content, it may be a good idea to seek professional assistance with all of the technical elements. 

For example, long-standing media service specialist, Red Bee, offers a wealth of products and services. These products and services can benefit you in producing and providing high-quality, optimised content that will help you create a larger and more engaged customer base. 

Creating slick and professional content that provides an enhanced viewer experience is one of the best ways to ensure the success of your marketing campaigns. 

Video Marketing Best Practices 

Before you begin delving into the details of your new video marketing strategy, it’s important to research how to do it correctly to make sure your videos are actually effective. 

Quality Over Quantity 

The most vital element to focus on when it comes to video marketing is the quality of what you are producing. If your video is badly executed or the content is poor, it could actually do more harm than good and may decrease your dwell time rather than making it longer. 

Length Is A Crucial Factor

If you want to make sure that your viewers are engaged, it’s probably best to make short-form videos, at least for the most part. 

However, the length of the video will depend on what function it is being made to fulfil. For example, an explainer video can easily be just a minute long, whereas a demo will probably have to be several minutes in length, to ensure you pack in all of the necessary information.

Make Your Videos Easy To Access

Finally, it’s important to make sure your videos are easy to find. This means optimising your video marketing content, using keywords, tags, captions, and transcripts. This will help them to rank higher in search results and reach a wider viewership. It will also help to boost your viewer engagement. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, there is plenty to think about when it comes to posting video content on your company website. However, with the right amount of planning and preparation, you will probably find that your investment in video marketing pays dividends when it comes to improving customer connections and conversion rates. 


By Women's Business Club

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