Presenting Brand You

ByWomen's Business Club

Jul 11, 2017

Presenting Brand You by Lis Mcdermott is a workshop for businesswomen who are their brand! As businesswomen, we are an ambassador for our brand. If you own your business, you ARE your brand. But what impression do you give to other business people trying to understand your brand? Have you thought about your style, the way you stand, the way you greet people, your body language? How do you feel in front of a camera? Can you pose like a celebrity or do you shy away? You may have really nailed your brand in terms of colours and logo, but have you nailed your brand in terms of YOU?

I went along to the Presenting Brand You workshop along with 4 other businesswomen to find out more. Here we are doing our first pose before we began.

We were greeted with a nice cuppa coffee and irresistible snacks as well as a lovely workbook which covered all we would get through in the day and more! The workshop content was fantastic, we looked at:

What is brand you?
How to present your brand effectively?
How the brain affects our behaviour?
Making an entrance
How to pose to achieve the best photo
How to dress for ‘brand you’
How to stand out from the crowd

We started with an introduction to the concept of your personal brand which is a very important part of a business that often gets overlooked. People buy from people and you need to ensure that people like what they see and experience when they meet you. It’s one thing realising that you have a personal brand but what next? Lis took us on a thorough journey of how to get our brand out there effectively followed by an interesting look at what we wear, what looks best on us and how to really dress to impress without losing our authenticity. 

What I enjoyed enormously was playing around with the camera and learning how to look our best when caught off guard, on a stage or when having professional photos taken. Little things make a huge difference and I am so pleased we were informed of all the little and not so little things that make a huge impact.

Here we are afterwards putting our new poses into action.

Book into the next workshop which is running on the 25th September 2017 here or follow the Headshot Diva page for more info and events.

By Women's Business Club

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