Banishing Imposter Syndrome to Develop Unshakable Confidence

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Banishing Imposter Syndrome to Develop Unshakable Confidence


You’ve been carrying around a secret that kept you living your life in a state of low-level fear wondering when you will be found out. Everyone believes that you’re better than you think you are, you think you are putting on an act of knowing what you’re doing and working hard extra hard to avoid detection. Most of your big accomplishments have been luck or being in the right place at the right time, in truth you’re an imposter.

If you have ever felt this way and want to know how to step out of imposter and into your own confidence, then this talk will give you the tools to make a great start.

In this masterclass you will learn to…

  • Recognise that Imposter Syndrome does not help you and learn to spot the signs that it’s holding you back
  • Recognise the 5 faces of Imposter Syndrome and how to combat them
  • Reframe your accomplishments and tackle your inner critic to develop your confidence

About Sarah Morgan

Sarah has 25 years’ experience as a leader and a coach in a wide range of industries that she now brings into a coaching context to help you thrive and shine at work. She is a passionate and purpose driven consultant and coach, who helps leaders in tech scale up, develop their leadership skills and ensure effective performance of the business, with holistic systems thinking.

Sarah also works with individuals who want to supercharge their performance and get out of their own way!

Sarah’s superpower is her unique blend of Technical and Operational skills allied to her Coaching skills, which means she understands the day-to-day realities of life in a corporate role and can enable everyone she works with to navigate that more effectively.

Regularly invited to speak at seminars, webinars, and company events, Sarah is humorous, down-to-earth and relatable. She bring a fresh perspective alongside her years of expertise and experience.

Sarah lives in North Somerset with her husband, seven-year-old daughter, and cocker spaniel!