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Christian and Arabella

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A chance meeting between Christian and Arabella results in a truly captivating tale of unlikely, but eternal, undying love. Upper class Christian can have any woman he chooses, and yet, his heart belongs to Arabella, a ‘common’ girl who couldn’t be more undeserving of the affection, undying commitment and yearning love that Christian showers on her. Arabella is oblivious to Christian’s unconditional love for her and instead chooses a life of debauchery. Her life quickly spirals completely out of control until she reaches the lowest point one can possibly reach. Death stared her in the face many times and yet, a guardian angel watched over her every step of the way. Facing rejection, betrayal and completely hopeless circumstances, Christian chooses to fight in the name of love, with nothing more than a glimmer of hope to keep him going. This is a tale of one man’s determination to capture the heart of the woman he loves in the face of impossibility; to overcome every obstacle in his way and give his life up, if he has to, for the woman who holds the key to his heart. This is the tale of a woman, who through making one wrong decision early in life, chose the path leading to self-destruction and utter despair, paying a high price along the way. This is a tale of an unlikely romance that held on from burnt, dying ashes, to a spark, and eventually a flame of unshakeable, unquenchable love, a love that would conquer anything.

1 review for Christian and Arabella

  1. CherynBloom

    As the byline states, this is a story of love that is stronger than anything imaginable. I loved the characters, the storyline and the fact that this man would do whatever it took to capture the heart of the woman he loved, no matter what the cost. He also chose to see past what most other people saw to see the true heart of the woman he adored – I read this book in one day as I kept wanting to know what happens next!

    I liked that the story is not only just a romantic fairytale like story, but it also highlights the highs and lows we can reach and how far they can take us if we let them. Really enjoyed this book.

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