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Emotional Gravity


Do you feel a constant pull in your life but cannot explain what it is? It is gravity on your physical body but there is also emotional gravity pulling on your soul! Gravity is what keeps your feet on the ground. It is a natural phenomenon and is essential to life here on planet earth. Without gravity, chaos would result. Every time you jump up, you experience gravity when it pulls you back down to the ground. Imagine jumping up and then floating off uncontrollably. We do need gravity. Legend tells us that in the 1600s, an English physicist and mathematician was sitting under an apple tree when an apple fell upon his head. As he sat rubbing his head, he started to wonder why the apple fell to the ground in the first place. The man was Isaac Newton and this apple story led to his Theory of Universal Gravitation. I was sitting in the bathtub crying my eyes out one dreary afternoon watching my tears drop into the water. As I pondered upon my melancholy I began to wonder why I was so sad so often. This led me to my Theory of Emotional Gravity. This theory has not been recorded in any scientific journals and up to this point of writing has not yet changed any lives. However, today might be the day that it does. I hope that my journey in exploring the effects of my emotions and learning to control them will help change your life too. What goes up must come down. This basic theory of gravity helped me understand and control the emotions that had once ruled my life so dramatically.


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