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I Did It In My Pyjamas eBook

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There is no recipe for business success.

Angela De Souza says there are few rules when it comes to setting up and growing a successful business, and even some of those can be broken if they stifle your creativity or approach to working. In this book she shares her journey of how she built the Women's Business Club from nothing to the huge national success it is today, nuts, bolts and all. Angela has written a book that is quite unlike other books about starting and growing a business – though packed with tips and advice it is not so much of a 'how to do it' book but rather a 'how I did it'. In a style that is both accessible and refreshing, she covers topics such as facing opposition, raising children, tackling fear and managing depression while building a business. The book is candid, honest and packed with tips on how she did it in her pyjamas!


I DID IT WITH ZERO CAPITAL It doesn’t take money to make money.
I DID IT WITH CHILDREN Children, our greatest educators!
I DID IT WITH DEPRESSION What you believe, you become.
I DID IT WITH FEAR Fear, failure or fun.
I DID IT BY CHANGING MY MIND What defines success, really?
I DID IT IN THE BATH Slowing down and smelling roses.
I DID IT CONSISTENTLY Success is doing the same thing for a long period of time.
I DID IT WITH FIVE PEOPLE You can choose your friends.
I DID IT DESPITE OPPOSITION What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
I DID IT GENEROUSLY The giver is happier than the getter.


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