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Recognising ADHD later in life


Recognising ADHD later in life – my journey

ADHD is about small children running riot, right? Or at least something that you would realise prior to age 48? Not necessarily! Girls and Women are systematically undiagnosed, as they tend to present with different symptoms than those traditionally recognised. At 48, after a successful corporate career and having set up my own business, I recognised my ADHD.

Having spent decades wondering why certain things seemed easier for others and becoming increasingly frustrated with myself for being apparently incapable of ‘improving’, despite hours and hours of therapy and coaching, I became aware of the possibility I had ADHD. Suddenly everything clicked into place, a massive lightbulb moment. This realisation of why some things had been a challenge; of what to do differently; of how to be KIND to myself.

In this talk I will discuss my journey so far, what I have learned, what might help, and what not to do if you have a friend or colleague exploring this.