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Stop Running to the Well


Faster business growth: Find out how to get your business to skyrocket ahead of the competition using Angela’s strategic keys.


Quicker increased revenue: As soon as your pipeline is up and running you will see a steady stream of regular revenue flowing into your business.


Clearer job descriptions: Learn how to identify the key people to manage your pipeline so that you can be free to do the things you enjoy.


Standardised systems: Everyone will be on the same page and will always know what do to as you point your team to the pipeline blueprint.


Working hours of your choice: All your hard work pays off leaving you free to work if and when you want to. Your time is back to being your own.


Also, book Angela to speak at your event with the Stop Running to the Well talk. Find out more here.



Stop Running to the Well:
Finding your well – Identifying your target audience (Who are you really serving and why?)
Building your pipeline – Identifying who does what, when and why (Building your core elements and a team)
Drawing up the water – Creating lead magnets (Creating irresistible content that generates a consistent and predictable ROI)
Connecting your pipeline – Systems and automation (Saving time and money using automation tools)
Testing your pipeline – Analysis and reporting (Find out what is working and what is not)


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