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We are committed to the success of your business and will do whatever we can to help you build the business your dream of. Our Success Story Map is a mentoring system that consists of one-on-one sessions where we help you map out a clear path from where you are to where you want to be. After creating your Success Story Map we can also offer you further one-on-one support with your business plan, building and maintaining an effective contact database, social media marketing and we will even help you with your sales. It’s all about equipping and empowering you to get the results you desire.

What you do:
Our sessions consist of a 30-minute video with our CEO Angela De Souza that you watch in your own time followed by a 30-minute session with your mentor. We meet up in person or online anywhere in the world.

Next steps:
APPLY for more info on the program here – more info will follow by email, please check your spam folder if you don’t see it within 20 minutes.

3 reviews for Success Story Map Mentoring

  1. Kaye

    I have recently had the great pleasure of working with Women’s Business Club mentor Marie Harris. Marie is an incredibly good listener and easily identified areas of need for my business. Marie helped to build my confidence and gave me clear direction, even homework, to ensure that any gaps were filled to make my business more profitable. Thank you Marie.
    Kaye- Juniper Garden Design.

  2. April

    My meeting with WBC started with an odd series of co-incidences in late 2014.

    A friend recommended me as a singer for The King’s Daughters Conference – one of Angela’s annual events. I felt simultaneously all those hundreds of things you feel when a new opportunity presents itself; chuffed, nervous, excited, terrified, proud – and utterly inadequate. But the timing was perfect, and I knew self-promotion would be a necessary evil in the music business, one I wouldn’t have the privilege to turn down. So, somewhat begrudgingly, I took her up on the opportunity.

    The 12 months that followed were an unprecedented blessing to me. I found myself surrounded by a group of women who believed in me, wanted to see me achieve my goals and sought new, creative ways to encourage me every time we met. I made deep friendships with them, especially with Angela who showed unparalleled confidence in my set of skills. She didn’t just tell me she believed in me (although that in itself was something I desperately needed) but she continually proved it by offering me performance slots at her business events across the year, putting me in touch with other key music professionals or pro-actively seeking other work for me. She became an important mentor for me, who taught me I am adequate, my dream is achievable and then equipped me to fulfil it.

    In January 2016, Angela invited me to a WBC Vision Mapping workshop. At the time, I had no specific goals for my singing and as a result felt directionless. I felt unable to make decisions, fearing I would make the wrong one. What kind of artist do I want to be? What actions can I take now to aid this journey? I had to dare myself to even articulate these questions. The workshop was exactly the right safe, supported space to be able to ask these questions and seek the expert knowledge of others to help me finally establish the direction I wanted my music to take. That evening, I made 3 solid goals for 2016, and committed to stick to them, working towards them ever since. One of these was to record my music in a professional studio.

    It’s become a cliché, but I’ve no other way to say it; without Women’s Business Club I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t have been introduced to producer David at FFG Audio, or be working with him to produce recordings later this year. I wouldn’t have been able to raise my profile at dozens of events last year, including Maximise conference. I probably wouldn’t have even had the self-belief to be writing this at all.

  3. Elizabeth Chanter

    I just want to thank Angela De Souza of Women’s Business Club for the wonderful session we had together today with Vision Planning and Achieve – absolutely what I need, encouraging not only vision but structure and planning, but also self-reflection with her kindness, experienced insight and clarity. It’s proving already to be the perfect lead in to this new year – and I’m looking forward to our next session together ☺ Elizabeth Chanter

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