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Joining is simple – select the level below on the first drop down menu and then the club you wish to join on the second drop down menu. If you were hoping to pay your membership off monthly please get in touch to set up a payment plan.

Find out all the benefits of your membership at www.membership.womensbusiness.club


5 reviews for Women’s Business Club Membership

  1. LisaBerry

    I began attending the Swindon Women’s Business Club in Summer 2015 and really enjoyed the wide range of informative and helpful speakers. I decided to join in December 2015 and really look forward to the meetings each month, they are a highlight of my month 🙂 I gain a huge amount of support from the lovely ladies who attend with both personal and business challenges I have been facing. Everyone is so supportive and it’s infectious, inspiring you to help others and benefit from each other’s experiences. The structure of the meetings is perfect and allows for networking as well as introducing yourself, an informative speaker and also the ‘WonderBra session’ where we all pull together to explore a challenge that is likely to be encountered by us all at one time or another. I would highly recommend the Women’s Business Club to any lady in business who wants to really feel part of a community and is looking to build her business with amazing support and guidance. Well done WBC team 🙂

  2. Jane Bromley

    The Women’s Business Club provides me with 2 excellent ways to fast track my business:
    1. A mastermind group (called the VIP Club) where a small group of us help each other to remove each barrier we face – and then hold each other accountable to make the progress we desire
    2. The Swindon monthly network which is wonderfully supportive with excellent speakers and a family feel to it where we learn new techniques and can ask for help if required.

    Many thanks. The Women’s Business Club is excellent.

  3. julesderrick

    “I met the inspirational Angela De Souza at Cost Co, when they held an open day some time ago. I was just starting to get my business together. She made a positive impression on me by her drive and zest for her work and so I agreed to attend a Bath Connect to see what W’sBC offered. The meeting structure, content and camaraderie amongst attendees and speakers was impressive but as I like to explore all possibilities to get the best fit for me in most things in life ( i.e. I never make quick decisions, they are always considered,) I was also invited to attend the Monmouth Connect and met the wonderful Karin Whittaker and members. I love the “try before you buy” no hard sells pitch, approach..in my book this is intelligent marketing which will attract like minded individuals. It’s only now that I have decided to join the Bristol Connect. (This was simply location driven.) Amy Box is a super, talented host and I am so keen to attend my second event next week where I know i will meet even more inspiring business women who all totally own what they do.

  4. Sofia Pacifico Reis

    Being part of such a Elite group of driven, determined Business Women is one of my goals in my business. Being able to Empower, Inspire and Equip these Ladies is a privilege and being able to grow a community that is based on support and collaboration is a fantastic feeling because together we can grow and learn from each other.

  5. The Spirit Sanctuary

    The WBC has transformed my business, my confidence and taken me through some hard times and out the other side to success. The support is second to none, every member of the club adds so much value and collectively we are a set of masterminds who help and support each other to improve and grow our businesses. The club makes every effort to promote me and become advocates of all that I offer. So proud to be a part of it.

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