Are you really charging your worth?

One of the biggest problems women come up against in business is pricing their business services. This all comes down to knowing your value. How do we determine value? Well, we start by looking at what you’re providing your ideal client both tangibly and intangibly. So your service may result in your client gaining more money etc. but what else- is it bringing clarity, happiness, peace, confidence, permission to step into their power? How much do we put against these intangible experiences/benefits/feelings that are seemingly priceless?

Firstly I hope this has opened up your eyes to the abundance of benefits that your services may provide but it’s really about what you feel your worth is. Price is all in our head! When you look to the competition for a pricing point you are only looking at what they are offering and comparing them to you. But YOU are incomparable, you bring a whole host of unique skills, benefits and experience to the table.

The price, or I prefer the investment the other person pays, has to feel right and good for you. If you price yourself too low to stay competitive, you risk feeling undervalued and this will have a knock-on effect on the service you provide to your clients… you will always be looking at ways to cut corners! Equally, if you price yourself too high it becomes unbelievable to you that you will get any clients, the communication of your prices will be said under your breath and you will come across as uncertain in your message. That uncertainty comes across as ‘I don’t think my service is worth this amount’, which then comes across as ‘I don’t believe in my abilities to help you!’ Pricing really is all in our heads! How much are you worth? How much are the benefits to your clients worth? If you’re struggling to answer these questions, it could be that your services aren’t niched enough or you’re not clear on your ideal client or what your benefits are! OR it could be that you have limiting beliefs around varying issues to do with worth and money.

Ask yourself are you genuinely happy with the amount you receive for your services? If not have a long, hard look at why. What is it that you are unhappy with, do you feel you charge too much or too little? And beneath this, ask yourself why you feel that way. Here’s the $100 bill analogy, if you haven’t already heard. You have a $100 bill and you know by giving this money to someone they could make a real difference with it, so you offer it to someone on the street you think it would benefit… they turn it down suspiciously, not wanting your money… has the $100 bill lost its value? …No!

Have you heard of the £10 grand car wash? A car washer decided his car washes were so good that he would charge £10,000 for a car wash! Granted it’s a week-long and they use microscopes to ensure every piece of dirt is abolished, but they do a brilliant job and now provide car washes for the car fanatics and celebs. My point is, they value what they do, they feel the amazing work they put in is worth the price tag and they do a brilliant job because of it!

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By Women's Business Club

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