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A staggering 64% of women are wearing the wrong bra size! This figure is according to a study by Swiss lingerie company Triumph. They found that globally nearly a third of women had never had a proper bra fitting before, and us Brits were among one of the worst countries! If you aren’t wearing the correct sized bra it could be putting unnecessary strain on your back, affecting your posture and causing joint and muscle pain. In 2008 the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) first looked at this issue. A survey was carried out among women who had claimed to have suffered back pain at some point in their life, 47% of the women said that they believed that their breast size was a factor. In addition to back pain, wearing the wrong bra size can lead to a number of problems, including, restricted breathing, abrasions, breast pain and poor posture. Bras that don’t fit well will affect the shoulders and chest, and will almost certainly cause back pain as you get older. When a bra isn’t fully supporting the breasts the strain is often felt through the mid back and around the rib cage, which can cause a curved back. If a woman is bending forward because of insufficient breast support, muscles into the upper back and neck over stretches and this, overtime, can lead to headaches. Of course, the pain might not go away immediately, and you might need to have a look at 30 effective ways to relieve pain naturally, but in the long term, a well-engineered, well-fitted bra is essential to ensure your shoulders don’t end up doing all the work.

Find your perfect fit! Most bras don’t stay the same size with repeated wear and washing, and are expected to stretch up to as much as 4 inches over time. in addition, the right size for you from one manufacturer may not be the same for all brands so always try on before you purchase. Firstly you need to look closely in the mirror for the tell tale signs that you’re wearing the wrong bra size. The under band Lift up your arms to see whether the bra is tight enough. The under band should fit firmly against the body so that it does not slide about during normal activity. The shoulder straps The under of a bra provides the majority (80%) of support for the breasts, with the straps providing just 20%. If the bra straps are digging in, it could be because the under band is too loose and you are over-adjusting the straps to feel supported. When you do this, the straps pull the bra up at the back, another sign that the band is too loose. The centre fold The centre front of the bra should lie flat against the body. If it doesn’t, the cups could be too small. The back band If your straps are too far apart at the back (they should be parallel), it may be that your bra band is too small and so is over stretching.

The message is get properly fitted for a bra and replace the old ones when they start to lose their supportive properties. Most lingerie shops offer free bra fitting so go get measured!

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