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All your ideal clients are already accessible one way or another through social media - the whole world is right there waiting for you at your fingertips. If you know how, your business can reach anyone with the right message at the right time. Let our expert speakers show you the most up-to-date and best way to connect your world and grow your business.

"What a fantastic 2 day fully loaded summit! You also made it so convenient making the videos viewable at any time. I definitely learnt a lot of new things and wanted to congratulate you on such a successful summit." Fabienne Wilkinson

Jonathan Pollinger

Making a success of social media

A look at how to tap into the latest trends and make use of recently released features to ensure that you're successful with social media. In this talk, Jonathan Pollinger will provide a review of the current social network landscape, social media trends, latest features and top social media tips.

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Andy Gwynn

How to Raise Your Profile, Get Massive Views of Your Posts & Get More Business on Linkedin.

Andy will cover The 5 Steps to Writing Powerful Posts, how Your posts can help you to grow your network & gain new clients and how to guarantee 1000's of views of your posts.

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David Holland

Automation! Get off social media

Analysis proves that most sales are still made using email, telephone calls, and face-to-face meetings. In this masterclass, we examine how to use social media to generate leads and automate the follow-up marketing process to turn those leads into customers.

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Learn how to create a successful social media strategy to position your brand for success forging ahead of the competition.

Jennifer Corcoran

How to set up a winning LinkedIn profile and get connecting with finesse

In this session Jennifer will share tips on setting up an effective profile on LinkedIn. Jennifer will cover areas such as how to fill out your profile to maximise its impact, selecting a good profile image, creating an ‘about’ section that encourages engagement and making sure your profile is visible to your target audience. Jennifer will also share tips on how to grow your community on LinkedIn. She will explain how to use key features of LinkedIn including the LinkedIn home feed and messenger as well as how to use groups.

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Natalie Sherman

How to use Facebook Messenger and Groups

Two videos taking a look at how you can use these fantastic free tools to build your business community, offer quality customer service and quickly and efficiently engage with your ideal clients.

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Leon Streete

How To Use Facebook Ads And Go From Struggling To A Consistent Flow Of Clients

Learn how to use the new model of marketing that doesn’t require complicated social media, over-the-top paid ad budgets, or building a huge email list. How to make competition irrelevant and never worry about making sales, even if you don’t consider yourself a “guru” and the exact traffic strategy we used to sell over £4 million, plus I’ll even show you my campaigns that are working.

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Discover what’s driving business success that can inspire innovation in your own business.

Jonathan Pollinger

Twitter - what is it good for?

Does  Twitter provide any value for businesses? In this 30-min talk, Jonathan Pollinger will look at how Twitter has fared in recent years and how businesses are using it. His views might surprise you!

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Lisa Talbot

Innovative ways to use social media for business

Social media platforms support and assist growth for your business, Lisa will be sharing her inspirational and out of the box ideas which aren't rocket science to gain your business more visibility.

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Emma Hammond

Emma Hammond

Discovering The Power of Chatbots - 3 Secrets Revealed

Learn why chatbots are so powerful and why you need to be using one right now. Emma will cover 3 simple strategies to use chatbots to simplify, automate your processes, generate more leads and generate more wealth.

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Update your know-how as brand practitioners walk you step-by-step through successful strategies.

Natalie Sherman

Instagram Stories for Business

Building a following on Instagram can offer significant value for any business, join me, Natalie Sherman, as we explore how to use Instagram effectively.

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Guna Meldere

How to get from First Impressions to Results with Power of branding and Pinterest

Did you know it takes your ideal clients one-tenth of a second to decide if they can trust you or not? First impressions matter more than you think. In this masterclass, Guna Meldere teaches you how to leverage the power of Visuals and use them strategically for your business. She will also cover the importance of generating leads and automating processes with Pinterest.

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Leon Streete

How to grow a profitable YouTube Channel

CASE STUDY: Growing a 100k Subscriber YouTube channel & Selling £100k in Digital Products (90 minutes)

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Assess and audit your current social media campaigns with your newly acquired learnings.

Rachel Barker

Grow your business online by transforming a blank page into sparkling content

Stuck for what to post next? Copywriter Rachel Barker, shows you how to connect with the people who matter through natural, personality-driven content. You’ll also learn 3 top tricks to make sure you never stare at a blank screen again!

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Denise Roberts

How to write engaging content that positions you as the go-to person in your industry.

In this session, Denise Roberts shares top tips learnt over her 24 years working in journalism and publishing to help you write content that attracts, persuades and converts. You’ll leave equipped with copywriting tips to help you create better blogs, social media posts and information products that build your social media presence and grow your business.

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Deborah O'Grady

Business Alignment, You and Your brand

As a purpose-built business, you’re here to reach millions and to do that you need a brand to take you there; a brand so true to who you are that you speak to the souls of your audience in a way that cuts through the online noise so only your message is heard.

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Expand your reach with our social media marketing masterclasses to instantly stimulate social media transformation in your business.

Nicky Williams

From Free Advertising Space to Lead Magnets - How to Get Leads with Canva

For business owners that want to learn how to grow their ideal clients by using graphics to captures their attention. In this session, Nicky will give an overview of the five core things you need to do to ensure your message is being portrayed in your graphics and how to create quality images on Canva.

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Sally Wright

Common Business Photography Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Sally will be talking through the common photography mistakes she sees business owners making on social media and giving tips on how you can avoid them and elevate your images for maximum engagement.

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Rebecca Ward

Stop Hiding, Start Selling with Instagram Stories and Reels

Understand how STORIES and REELS, the new feature from Instagram, can increase your reach and your sales. Find out some time-saving hacks and the mistakes to avoid. Remove the fear of video and appearing on-screen with Rebecca’s top tips.

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Discover tactics for improving customer experience though social media to promote business growth.

Julia Bernard-Thompson

Faith in Business

Faith, Freedom & Finances How to successfully have your faith at the forefront of Social media marketing & Close More Sales.

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Lesley Notton

How To Repurpose Your Content To Grow Your Audience, Book More Clients & Save Time!

In this exclusive training Lesley will share how you can attract more leads automatically, get in front of your Ideal Clients no matter where they are online, grow your audience with people who want what you have to offer AND save time by repurposing your content!

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