Stay resilient to stress!

Photos by Kathryn Goddard: Capture This Moment Photography
Photos by Kathryn Goddard: Capture This Moment Photography

In this post we’ll look at an aspect of business – resilience. But what does resilience mean in a business context? Well, it’s all about how a business is able to adapt to disruptions, whilst still remaining operational (that’s the short version).

Resilience has also been described as ‘common sense’ In the last post we looked at the issue of mental health in business, so how does resilience fit in with that? Well, our members are all business owners and that means we don’t get sick pay or paid leave – unless we pay ourselves!

Prepare for the worst, expect the best! As business owners, we need to be prepared for potential bumps in the road. It may be necessary to take time off to care for family members or, perhaps, for one’s own ill health, be it mental or physical in nature. From a purely practical standpoint, you should have at least 3 months’ worth of funds available to cover your living and business expenses – and some would say 6 months’ worth. So, if you did have to take time off, you wouldn’t have the extra stress of wondering how you would pay your bills, or even your staff. Keep stress to a minimum – easier said then done! It’s easy to tell people to find ways to minimise stress, but it’s not always possible. However, it really is important. We expect some degree of stress in our daily lives and running your own business isn’t a stress-free lifestyle. Nevertheless, if stress is affecting your physical, mental and emotional health, it’s important to address it. There are no magic answers or absolutes when it comes to stress management. However, looking after your physical health makes you more resilient to stress. So, a balanced diet, regular appropriate exercise and sufficient sleep should be priorities for all business owners! Making time for socialising and leisure activities and scheduling in ‘treats’ also play an important part in keeping us mentally and physically well.

Don’t be embarrassed to talk to your GP – they’ve heard it all before We are often our own worst enemies and loathe to admit that we are struggling, but it can also be a huge relief to admit that you are only human! If you find that you are experiencing the symptoms of anxiety or depression, don’t be afraid to talk to your GP – they’ve heard it all before and whatever you say to them will be entirely confidential. Your GP will be able to prescribe medication or refer you for talking therapies. Remember, this is nothing to be ashamed of. As mental health charity Mind says, 1 in 4 people each year will have some kind of mental illness.

Nip it in the bud In fact, it’s best to deal with mental health issues as soon as they arise, because some conditions can worsen over time without treatment. So, the sooner you seek help and get treatment, the sooner you can return to ‘normal’. Many of our members have dealt with stress and depression at some point, and many have said that they turned a corner when they sought help from a medical professional. However, many also report that other activities such as yoga, exercise and even networking have been instrumental in their recovery. If you need more information on mental health issues, advice or to talk to someone, here are some useful links: Mind Saneline Samaritans Time to Change

We have dedicated an entire chapter of our Success Story System to back to basics, get involved and tap into all of our valuable resources to support you in your business.

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