Supporting Clients From Around The World: Practical Tips For Modern Businesses

ByWomen's Business Club

May 13, 2022

Globalisation has transformed the corporate landscape for the better. Thanks to modern technology and open trading laws, it’s now possible to collaborate with clients from around the world without opening a base in every country. 

As such, most businesses no longer afford to work exclusively with customers in their local area and need to work with international clients to ensure their ongoing success. 

International clients are vital for expanding your business, but they can also bring about some challenges.

If you want to start working with more international clients, then keep reading. We’ll explore some of the tips and tricks that you can use to ensure that your global transactions are as straightforward as possible. 

Research The Needs Of Clients In Specific Regions 

With so many wide-reaching digital advertising platforms, such as Facebook and Google ads, it’s understandable that you might be able to attract international clients without even deliberately trying to reach out to them. However, as your business starts to grow, you need to consider targeting specific audiences in certain regions. So, explore your website and advert data on where your business gets the most traffic and then conduct thorough research on these markets to optimise your global presence. You should also learn about cultural differences, so that you can offer potential customers the support they need. If you’re struggling with communication and other issues, then consider checking out soft skills training for yourself and your employees. You can then improve your ability to communicate and work with individuals from all over the world. 

Understand Time Zones And Be Clear When Making Appointments 

There are different timezones around the world, so when you’re communicating with international clients, you need to be aware of the timezone they live in and what time it is in their area. When you’re setting deadlines or planning appointments, you need to consider the timezone in which everyone involved is operating in and work out the best possible time for everybody. It would help if you also were clear about what timezone you’re discussing so that everyone is clear about the time that you’ll be meeting. This approach will ensure that you don’t waste anyone’s time and endure miscommunications, even when you’re working with individuals in multiple timezones. 

Use Digital Translation Software

If you’re dealing with countries that don’t speak English or use it as a lingua franca, then you need to make sure that you can communicate clearly. Check out the best digital translation tools on the market to save yourself time and allow you to instantly translate your emails and other digital communications into a different language. These tools aren’t always entirely accurate, particularly when you’re trying to translate long, complicated or overly technical writing. In this case, you might want to consider investing in the services of an outsourced professional linguist to translate your written content. If you find that you regularly need translation and interpretation services, then it might be more cost-effective to bring these in-house, which can help you to grow your business internationally. 

By using these practical tips, you can streamline your international relations and achieve the global presence that you’ve always wanted for your business. 

By Women's Business Club

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