The Magnificent Warren House, Kingston, London

ByAngela De Souza

Oct 12, 2015 #Reviews

Warren House, fine dining and business venue Kingston London

A beautiful place for business or pleasure, fine dining or relaxation, Warren House in Kingston, London aims to delight. My husband and I recently spent some time enjoying this stunning venue and are pleased to report back to you on our stay.  But before we get onto our stay I would be delighted to let you know about our experiences as a business.

Warren House for Business

THE WOMEN’S BUSINESS CLUB hosts monthly Business Lunches as well as the Mastermind Boardrooms at Warren House. Our experience has been that the staff would stop at nothing to make us happy!  And we are VERY happy indeed.  The conference rooms are light and airy with plenty of space, lots of water and fantastic food.  When ladies arrive to one of our events for the first time you can be guaranteed that they will be wowed by the venue.  As a business our venues are extremely important to us as the standard set by them will reflect on how our women perceive the Women’s Business Club. Holding our events at Warren House means that we don’t ever have to worry – we can hold our heads high and proudly announce where we meet.  On top of that, they have rooms to suit events from 4 to 120 which is great, we know they can always accommodate us! Warren House for Pleasure Warren House is a Grade II listed Victorian building and boasts 4 acres of stunning historic gardens which have been carefully maintained since 1865.

Warren House offers the most beautiful rooms – here is the one we stayed in – excuse my phone camera as it does not do this room justice. The rooms are tastefully decorated with plenty of fine details to enhance the experience. With tray charges set at a very reasonable price point it makes perfect sense to linger in the room even longer and have breakfast served in bed.

Warren House Feature Room

Warren House have spared no expense and have beautifully decorate every nook and cranny too – here is one example below – just a regular window sill but how beautiful! There are too many to photograph and comment on – you simply have to visit and see for yourself.

Warren House, fine dining and business venue Kingston London

Once again, the lovely details extend to the garden with a full garden size chess set, beautiful sculptures and lovely things to look at around every corner.  Enjoy some more photos from our adventures in the garden.

Just when you think you have seen it all you realise that there is more!  A beautiful pool as well as a leisure centre with a workout room and saunas are available should you wish to unwind or workout.

Warren House Spa and Leisure Centre

Warren House for Food

Food review by Eric De Souza

The Food
London offers a myriad of opportunities and experiences and it can become increasingly hard to discern good from great and great from magnificent. The fact that we managed to find Warren House in the midst of so many other places screaming for attention is somewhat of an urban miracle. Not many opulent establishments can please demanding palates like ours so we wondered if this magnificent haven could still impress. I would like to invite you to sit with us now and go on a gastronomical blue dream journey of sophisticated taste.

The Restaurant
Our dining area was sparkling clean and attention was given to detail. The fresh flower arrangements were tidily arranged and placed appropriately on the table. We were promptly served and it did not take very long for our choices to arrive. The ambiance was appealing and classy but not overwhelmingly formal. But how about the food? Could it match the atmospherical appeal of the magnificent Warren House?


The Dinner
Our dinner comprised of a three-course meal beautifully presented.

The Starter
Choices ranged from Duck Liver Parfait to Quail Eggs and Chorizo Salad or even Pumpkin and Chilli Soup for a vegetarian choice. We decided to have a starter of Poached Salmon, Lemon Creme Fraiche and Cucumber. I would definitely recommend the starter which was a delicate taste thoughtfully put together. There was nothing over the top, just exquisite, the salmon was just as described and the Lemon Creme Fraiche and Cucumber were a perfect match. The experience was of a tasteful and gentle tease for what was to come, but was it worth the wait? Carry on reading.

The Main Course
The main course was a difficult choice. What should we venture onto next?  Fillet of Bream, Saffron Mash with Sauce Vierge, Mille Feuille of Wild Mushrooms, Breast of Corn Fed Chicken? We unanimously decided to dive into the depths of a main course of Grilled Eye Steak, Confit Plum Tomato, Chunky Chips with Madeira Mushroom Sauce with a side of Creamed Spinach. And what a journey that was. The main course smelled great, the steak was soft and perfectly cooked to our taste, it didn’t even need salt or any other condiment which made me think that the Madeira Mushroom Sauce had been added as an extra nicety. The spinach was cooked just right, you know what happens otherwise, and also tasted great. I can honestly say that our main menu experience was remarkable and we would definitely eat at the Warren House again. It could even be a great place to have business dinners if I wanted to impress my clients.

The Dessert
For dessert we had Mango Mousse with Kiwi Gel and Ginger Panna Cotta with Star Anise Roast Fruit. Again the food display was remarkably done and I even started to question if I really wanted to mess up the symmetrical fruit layout. I  must say that the Panna Cotta felt smoother in my mouth and I would not hesitate to recommend it or even order it again. Ginger levels must always be right and I am pleased to say that the taste of ginger was tenues but precise.

Afternoon Tea Cream Tea at Warren House
So here we are in Kingston enjoying a lovely sunshine in this reticent part of London. Not far from us is Richmond Park and a little further down Wimbledon Village yet we found ourselves strolling around Warren House’s delightful manicured garden, the air around us is full of life and vibrancy, we even happened to notice all the lovely herbs neatly placed among the charming seasonal flowers and since my wife and I have never been disposed to much glibness so we decided to order afternoon tea to end our afternoon. When we ordered afternoon tea we did not expect such a sumptuous feast. The colours and the choices of taste was a marvel to behold on their own. We soon were celebrating the resplendent occasion by tasting a little bit of every single delicacy placed in front of us. The Chocolate and Raspberry Ganache and Strawberry Mousse were among the favourite choices for us along with the Scones with Clotted Cream and Homemade Jam and Smoked Salmon Sandwiches.

I can say with certitude that you will savour what Warren House has to offer on its menu. The food is superb and when low there will always be an attentive waitstaff nearby who will promptly ensure your glass is half full.

Find out more at We are pleased to award Warren House our official stamp of approval.


By Angela De Souza

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