The Ultimate Success Story!

ByWomen's Business Club

Jun 1, 2019

I have recently become a member of the Women’s Business Club and wanted to share my experience with you as it has truly been a remarkable journey.

Networking was something that I never considered or desired but after seeing regular comments on social media from your other members I decided to dip my toe in when one of my colleagues invited me to join her. I can’t say that I was nervous, I am generally very confident within myself, but I was reluctant to give up two hours of my busy day.

I experienced a twinge of excitement as I drove up to the venue as I could see it was going to be a classy event and the smell of freshly brewed coffee greeting me as I entered the room was very welcome. Although, not as welcoming as the ladies! I felt as if I had walked into a room full of friends and very quickly felt comfortable and at home in the club.

Lunch was exquisite with a good mix of healthy salads and lovely chicken. I was taken aback at how knowledgeable the speaker was, I was expecting an extended sales pitch by one of the members but came away with a lot of food for thought as the speaker really knew what she was talking about in the area of niche marketing.

The Wonderbra Session on the program had me curious from the start and I had a good chuckle when I found out what is was about. What a brilliant way of supporting businesswomen with their challenges.

Being handed a rose made me feel quite emotional. It was just a simple pink rose but for some reason it made me feel really special. I left the club on cloud nine, completely refreshed and inspired. It got me thinking about my role in our company and how there is so much more to my work days than what I am currently experiencing. I signed up for membership right away as I knew that this monthly event was just what I needed to bring about the changes that I need in my career.

My story doesn’t end here because when I was presented with the membership options I discovered that there were other women like me, women who were confident and successful but who were pretty much alone in their success. So I signed up to the Mastermind Boardroom to see what it was all about. Even though I had to take half a day out of my diary, I knew that it could be worth it after my networking lunch experience.

And I was so right! The Mastermind Boardroom was exactly what I never knew I needed! It was my space to openly share my struggles and successes without judgement of any kind. Simply being able to get things off my chest with five other women who got me was refreshing. If it has ended there I would have said it was of great value but being able to commit to a KPI and be assigned an accountability buddy for the month was fantastic. I knew that these sessions were going to get me to where I wanted to be both in life and in my career.

The Women’s Business Club has given me hope and put the bounce back in my step. I love reading Women’s Business News every morning and have challenged our marketing manager to send over some content and our HR team to send over our vacancies to be included too, we are looking forward to seeing that being published soon.

I haven’t yet taken up the option of sharing my expertise as a guest speaker yet but in time I will. For the time being, I am using the valuable space for myself and I am loving it!  

Thank you for the Women’s Business Club.


By Women's Business Club

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