Bitcoin has flourished since it first came onto the scene almost five years ago. The following five apps are recommended for both those who currently use Bitcoin as well as those who wish to use the popular peer-to-peer electronic currency and cash system.

BIPS – Getting started with Bitcoin has never been easier

BIPS (Bitcoin Internet Payment System) makes it much easier for people to get started with buying, selling, and trading through the use of Bitcoin. The great thing about BIPS is that it is optimised for both in-store transactions and e-commerce exchanges. It offers the complete package. This is further signified by the fact that the app is born out of feedback and surveys conducted by the members of the general public. Therefore, BIPS has been generated with you in mind.


Electrum – Peace of mind provided through the protection of coins

Electrum is a fantastic app because it protects you should you have the misfortune of losing coins because of a problem with your PC or alike. A secret seed allows you to recover your encrypted Bitcoin wallet. You will fail to find another Bitcoin app that provides as high levels of security as Electrum does.


Bitcoin-qt / Bitcoin Core – Start sending coins with Bitcoin-qt

If you want to start using Bitcoin then you will need to install a Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin-qt is a fantastic option and after downloading is complete you will be ready to partake in transactions with people from all over the world. You will be able to safely store your friends’ addresses, as well as being granted your own. This will make it possible to send and receive currency – even when you are not online. Furthermore, compatibility is not an issue. You and your friends do not need to use the same wallet in order to exchange coins.


Bitcoin Armory – Personalised interface to ensure your needs are met

The great thing about Bitcoin Armory is the fact that it is as just as beneficial for those who are new and want to learn about Bitcoin as it is for those who have been using it for years and years. This is because you can select between the following modes; “Standard”, “Advanced”, and “Developer”. Therefore, the interface can be altered to suit your competence with the decentralised digital currency. It is also worth noting that optimum levels of security are provided to ensure all transactions can be done with ultimate peace of mind.

MultiBit – International Bitcoin wallet supporting over 25 languages

MultiBit is another Bitcoin wallet worth considering using. The international suitability of this wallet makes it particularly popular. It supports over 25 languages at present, and this is a figure that is only likely to grow. Flexibility is not only represented by the language options, but it is also evident within the opportunity to have several wallets. This is no different for you as it would be with your Sterling bank account, after all, you can have a current account wallet, a savings account wallet, an expenses wallet, and so on and so forth.


If you are thinking about investing in Bitcoin, the five apps in this post can help you on your journey.


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